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Ultimate Funky Freeroam - Coming this month!

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Server IP: play.uffserver.ml:6667
Website: https://forum.uffserver.ml (Under Development)
Discord: https://discord.gg/KmcFtBD








Ultimate Funky Freeroam or UFF was orginaly a cops and robbers server founded by WindBreaker,

Node, Reckon & Oblivion which turned into a freeroam server in 2016, the community ran sucessfully for 3 years then closed in 2019

due to real life problems of the owners. UFF held great achievements when it was active around 2017 with its peak of 50.

 I was a part of the staff team while back and now reopening the original Ultimate Funky Freeroam.  The community is

currently directed & developed by Renisal & SoNu.





We have built our community on the idea that anything is possible. After watching
 many servers both succeed and fail, we've taken the time to look into the problems of each community
 and try our best to prevent them on ours. We can only hope that you give us the opportunity to provide
 a safe and enjoyable community for you to share your ideas and play the way you want to. 
We encourage new and old players alike to share in the creativity and suggest things that would enhance 
the freeroam experience for both themselves and other. Ultimate Funky Freeroam, known for its grandeur 
place and friendly players Different roles of every players must be kept preserved and acted well upon
 contact with other players. Make sure to join us for tons and tons of fun and events! Join us and Register
 for a splendid experience alongside with different shenanigans of many suitable players.




What are the main features?

Freeroaming! and lots of it! 

 Variety of Minigames, Including: 


-> Fallout 

-> Derby 

-> Challenges 

-> Runners versus Drivers [New!]

-> Shooter

-> Player Unknown's Battlegrounds [New!]

-> Humans versus Zombies [New!]

-> Events!

-> Much more to discover

--> Racing! Are you interested in racing? We have got you covered!


We have many race tracks!

-> Join the Race with many Thrilling Maps!

-> Beat others' lap times and grab your spot on our leader boards!

-> Start your own race which can be joined by everyone!


DeathMatching? All the deathmatch you could 

ever want will be found here! They Include:


* Dynamic Minigun | Battlefield Arenas| Deathmatch Island | Gun-game areas | Much More!

* We have many variety of Arenas & Thrilling Maps....

* Ability to change your Fight Style (/fs)!

* A collection of your pre-designed & personalized Weapon Set in exchange of goldblocks!




The Gangs! Do you want a clan, which you can join/create?

We have got you covered, register your group and participate in gang zone wars and win exciting rewards!



(overview of gang commands)




There are tons and tons of features to explore, why don't you give us a try? 😀


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