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How To Stay Safe on MultiMart!

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Hi there, I remember seeing a post, more specifically this one.


And I just believe a lot more can be said on how to stay safe on Multimart from Scammers.

So here are more in-depth tips and questions to ask yourself in order to stay safe when dealing with anyore on Multimart!:

- Are they instantly trying to get you to pay within the first few messages?
(Most legit sellers will disclose a lot of things buyers should know for both the safety of the buyer AND seller.
If they are genuinely trying to sell goods, of course they aren't trying to get caught.
So leaving a buyer clueless of how the transfer will go is a sure fire way to get banned and legit buyers will probably never do that.)

- Does their talk match their rep?
(Now, coming from a new seller with 0 rep right now. That's a pretty stupid thing to say from a business stand-point. However being 100% real, buying from a person will a long record on this site + a good amount of rep is a good sign they're legit. However, if it is a seller talking about how they've done 10 deals already, things are selling out blah blah blah and they got 0 rep or joined not to long ago. Most likely they're lying and are trying to scam you, so watch out.)

- Are their +reps legit?
(A lot of times scammers will up their rep with VPNs (to avoid a ban for multi-accounting) or friends and not actually through deals. This can fool a lot of people, but there's a way of finding out if they are legitimate or not. Check on their store thread and check the responses to see if there are any. A lot people (from experience) will, after a successful deal, go and place a response vouching for the seller and how legit he is. So, if there are a bunch of +reps, but no comments vouching for the buyer, that is quite suspicious and I wouldn't recommend trusting that seller.)

- Are their voucher's comments legit?
(Now, what if you find they got +reps and vouch comments. Surely they're legit, right? No, this just means the scammer is smart, but we're smarter. You see, often times scammers get friends or use a VPN to write up fake comments vouching for them, however it doesn't mean it's impossible to notice. What you should do is check up on the voucher's profile page and post count. If it is just one, vouching for the seller, it's most likely a fake vouch. Also check how long between the voucher's account was made and when the vouch comment was made. Often times, fake vouchers' accounts would be made for the sole purpose of making a vouch comment on the sellers page. However, legitimate vouchers will often post a vouch a few days after their account was made. That's the time it normally takes to finish a deal from beginning to end. Also, legitimate vouchers will most likely have their own [buying] threads. So if it is just 1 post on their account, it is most likely a fake vouch.

Will add more tips as they come to mind, I hope these tips have helped you out, even if that means just being more cautious on your next deal. That's all I care about.
Remember, you can never be too safe. If you really want, go ahead and spend a little extra for a trust-worthy middleman!
I don't really know much about middlemen, however I have heard @Agent is a trust-worthy middleman with 71 reputation points!

A +rep would be appreciated or a response to this post to get more people to see this would be amazing, however if you do want to support another way.
Simply sharing this post in anyway to a new buyer on Multimart would be a great act of kindness, plus it can save them from getting scammed in the future!
Really gets me sad seeing some buyers getting scammed in such a preventable way. If you guys got any other tips to stay safe from scammers, put them below!

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