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Moderation Team & Warning System

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Hi Everyone!

We'd like to let you know that we're looking for new moderators; These moderator positions will be limited to six people for the time being, and must follow the following criteria; This is to ensure that our moderators are not only experienced but also have an active presence within the Multimart Community..

As usual; Moderators that are brought on must still follow the same rules and guidelines put in place by us to ensure a fair playing field; Moderators may continue to trade, sell or monetise their work of their own free will; However are not permitted to use their permissions to gain an advantage over other members of the community. 

  • Potential moderators must have at-least three months of tenure on the Multimart Platform
  • Potential moderators cannot have any active warnings over the old warning system (6 Points); Or under the new warning system (11 Points)
  • Potential moderators must not have any ban history that directly breaches our Community Guidelines
  • Potential moderators must be at-least eighteen (18) years of age; And be fully able to sign a Non-Disclosure and Moderation Agreement
  • Potential moderators must be fluent in written and spoken English.

Application Process:

Moving onto the most important change to multimart recently,

We're removing our "old" ten point system and you're out system; And implementing a new system that's a little more flexible; Effective immediately, the following punishments will be issued based on the amount of points you accumulate automatically and cannot be removed by moderators... Along with these changes; Moderators will no longer be able to edit the amount of points you are given with each warning and they will be consistent across multiple accounts & warnings.

  1. Moderated Content
    1.  One Point
      1.  6 Hours
    2.  Two Points
      1.  12 Hours
    3.  Three Points
      1. One Day
    4.  Four Points
      1.  6 Days
    5.  Five Points
      1.  12 Days
    6.  Six Points
      1.  24 Days
  2.  Restricted From Posting
    1.  Seven Points
      1.  6 Days
    2.  Eight Points
      1.  12 Days
    3.  Nine Points
      1.  31 Days
    4.  Ten Points
      1.  91 Days (3 Months)
    5.  Eleven Points
      1. 122 Days (4 Months)
  3.  Account Termination/Suspension
    1.  Twelve Points
      1.  31 Days
    2.  Thirteen Points
      1.  61 Days (2 Months)
    3.  Fourteen Points
      1.  91 Days (3 Months)
    4.  Fifteen Points
      1.  182 Days (5 Months)
    5.  Sixteen Points
      1.  365 Days (1 Year)
    6.  Seventeen Points
      1.  Permanent Account Termination


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