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Known Scammers

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After recent events and the increase in people creating multiple accounts in an attempt to scam and evade bans; We'll be re-implementing our Verification process on top of our "Insider" only virtual items forum.. This includes our proven Multi-Accounting suite that will automatically ban members who're detected as already being members.

Like it was before, when you're banned by our Multi-Accounting system, the bans are permanent and your access to the sit will be ended permanently.. These bans are none-negotiable and are final.

Below you will find a list of people who have been banned for scamming, Including their Discord Username and first three identifier numbers. You are still responsible for your own safety on the site; We put measures in-place to discourage and attempt to stop scamming attempts; However, you must be the final judge of a person.

This list will be updated as/when we ban people, assume that the list is out-of-date unless the date below specifies otherwise.

Known Scammers ( 10/08/2020 )

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