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Warning - This section is not for selling server specific items; Such as but not limited to LS-RP, RC-RP; Any content posted in the section that breaches this will result in your account being suspended for 30 days
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* Read it carefully * [BUYING] LS-RP Cash & Items

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MultiMart Management - Please don't lock this one and ban me from the forums. I'm interested in futurly trades with the guys here.

You can't ignore users here when they interested to buy LSRP Assets.
Even if it's against the rules, LS-RP can't do a shit to your site. You aren't using the same platforms, you just giving a hand to the guys who want make some money from their items in the servers.

Give us the option to deal here without limits, come on. You can't ask for payment to post a topic in here. (It's not against you) But at least be realistic.

If anyone here can support threading please do so. We need your support to return site usage safety.


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As out-lined in a community post; The Virtual Items section has been re-opened as a "Multimart Insider" exclusive feature.. If you're not willing to spend money to support the platform you wish to use then; To be frank, you don't deserve to use it, we've ran Multimart for years, for free at no charge to anyone on the site; We added advertisements for a short period of time, however chose to remove them due to how invasive they can be.

The section will remain a Multimart Insider exclusive feature for the foreseeable future; And the restriction will be in-place as it always has been, even before the section was closed prior to us deciding what we wished to do; We've always had a section in our Community Guidelines about posting in the correct section however it was rarely an issue until the section was closed.

The choice to make the Virtual Items board an exclusive feature was the choice of everyone who manages multimart and provides either funding for the site or well needed maintenance and software skills; That as a whole keep the site running for people to use it.. This choice wasn't made our of pure greed, in-fact it was made to ensure that the site is able to fund itself in the long run.

As stated before, we've ran the site since 2017; And even prior to that Multimart and Sanandreas Market were entirely free... Which is what people don't seem to understand, multimart isn't ran on a free-host infact its ran on our own servers and requires constant upgrades, security checks and more; Which I provide and have done since 2017, completely free..


To conclude, if you wish to sell Virtual Items; Multimart Insider is available for £11.95 or £21.99 depending on the tier you wish to purchase to support the site; Both have their differences; Which are outlined here 

Thank you for your post however this is a choice which is staying.

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