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GTA world, Enchanted shop.

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                          Enchanted shop


Welcome to my shop i offer items and services for GTA world, also some services related to other servers.



GTA World money ~ 100k - 10$ , discounts on big purchases.

GTA World fresh account ~ 17$ (Safe ban evading help included, if needed)


I accept PayPal, this is the most preferred payment option.

Also accept cashapp and bitcoin.

If you are interested in any of these items/services you can contact me in private messages and we will come to a deal.



GTA World application, help with questions ~ 11$

GTA World 2020 ban evading guide ~ 10$

GTA World weapons ~ Coming soon!

LSRP fresh account  ~ 11$ (Evading help included if needed)

LSRP application ~ 8$

LSRP PF application ~ 6$

LSRP PF abuse, tips and tricks and help to not get caught ~ 6$

LSRP Ban evading guide 2020, all tools needed are included ~ 7$

LSRP Weapons ~ Coming soon!



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    • By ImDaMan
      Transactions can be completed via my direct messages on the forums or maybe discord if you happen to have it ((Contact me via my direct messages if you do though)), I'd also advise you to get a middleman if you feel like I'm not trustable due to the fact I'm new. 
      ((Also Forget to mention I do have shotguns for sale, going for 15$ per.))
    • By LS:RP
      LS:RP SHOP Money: 5mil -  10$ 10mil -  20$ 20mil -  35$   Weapons: Deagle -  1.5$ Uzi/Tec9 -  2.5$ M4/Ak47 -  4$ Shotgun -  2$   Accounts: PM me for info.        Drugs:
             PM me for info.
      Hi i've been playing LS:RP for some years now i racked up alot of guns/money and met some people who have taught me some cool shit and how to exploit the server and now i'm trying to make some real cash.
      All my guns come packaged and my methods of transferring money/guns are guaranteed to keep you safe from bans.
      My Pms are open to questions.
      If you're buying from me we can use a middleman but you are paying the fees
      Minimum orders are 15$
      Buy 30$ or more worth of stuff and i will add a few bonus weapons or money
      Currently have an account with 300k + money on GTA WORLD
      Selling it for 30$.
      Accepting only PayPal/Skrill.
    • By JakalyXD
      LS:RP application - 2$
      LS:RP Fresh UCP Account lvl1 Character - 5$
      LS:RP 20mil  - 30$
      LS:RP  deagles (Minimum 10) - 1.50$ each.
      LS:RP Shotguns - 1.50$ each
      LS:RP  MP5's (Minimum 5)  - 2.50$ each
      LS:RP M4's (Minimum 5)  - 3$ each
      LS:RP AK47's (Minimum 5) - 3$ each
      LS:RP UZI's (Minimum 5) - 3$ each
      LS:RP Ban evading guide - 4$
      LS:RP PF License application - 5$
      GTA WORLD Fresh Account - 10$.
      GTA WORLD Application - 8$
      GTA WORLD 1mil - 30$.
      More coming soon.
      Dm me for info.
    • By Buyer
      I am buying lsrp, hz gaming, rc-rp, gta world or from other server account, SD and PD manual, all commands on ls-rp, undetected vpn (which show all country like mobile internet or real internet provider, because I was banned on some server, why? I connect to france location, but they banned me, because I had m247 isp, which is company with vps, cloud etc not internet provider, because they looked on it, if something it's not internet provider and other other method to be 100 percent undetectable), application, pf abuse or some other abuse, undetectable cheats and guns on any server and any other cool things, could be on ls-rp too, everywhere. PM on forum
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