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[Selling] GTAW look like script (RageMP)


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I made from scratch but I no longer developing it



GTAO Character Customization

Dashcam for PD vehicle (helicopter included)

Custom Weapon Wheel

Phone script with Contacts / SMS / Calls / Instagram / Camera (based on iPhone UI)

Job script (Mechanic like LS-RP one, Trucking job like LS-RP one, Taxi, Fishing, Farmer)

Vehicle script (Lockpicking, hotwiring, LS-RP vehicle script based)

Business script (carwash, barber, clothes, surgery, rental, player owned dealership, 24/7, advertising)

Advertisement script (Same as LS-RP, and player can own it)

Furniture script (You might change the texture of a furniture, and all the furnitures are interactable, you can store your stuff in any storage type furniture like you can store your crack in a shoebox, easy to modify)

SA-MP type object editor (no need to press your keyboard, using the mouse!)

Construction Mode (By enabling this feature, you can drag and drop the object, and move them by using the mouse, like Minecraft)

Inventory script (Nice looking UI)

MDC script (UI based on Windows 98)

CAD script

Minigames (Blackjack, Russian roulette, Football)

Half-Working UCP (Profile and News)

Door Manager (Admins can create a door for faction or the world, and player can bind a door funiture to the database)

Pet script (Pet has it's health, and nametags, pets can attack people)

K9 Script

Friendly API  (Easy to develop like you developing SAMP script really simple)

GTA5 Mods addon (Designer Clothes, and some face mods)


There are many small features that I can't list, DM for more information

Asking price: 500$

Giving supports all the time

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added LS-RP like trucking, and drugs script

added furniture interact system (different furniture has it's feature like each safe feature has it's storage, door can be locked or unlocked)

added garage script

added boombox script it can be placed in vehicle, and house or business (using 3D sound like SA-MP)

revamp char creator and customization


leasing price is 100$ per month and with a fully support (you'll getting update every month) (no access to the source code)

buyout: send a offer


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