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Joseph is a scammer, do no trust.


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Alright, so - we had a deal I sent him £50 over Western Union because apparently PayPal isn't allowed in his Tunisian country. (Which I've later found out to be a lie, he lives in the US.) I sent him the money, then he later on sent me the RC-RP account. I logged into the account, later finding out it was banned. Reasons: "Attempted scam/OOC trading across servers". I filed a fraud complaint already through Western Union, they looked into it. Not had my money refunded. I'd like to give this guy a chance to send me my money back, an we can be on good terms. Worst part is, this was money I was given by family for a birthday gift. Just shows how you can't trust anyone on here anymore, an people are pieces of shit with no emotions.

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