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Selling Los Santos Roleplay Script also BETA UCP.

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I'm selling LSRP Script with Beta UCP.

The script does have  fully functional MDC same as LSRP.
Dynamic Factions System (Legal, Ilegal, Medic, Gov)
Dynamic Gates System (Moveable gates via /barrier or /gates adjustable for factions, ranks, players etc.)
Dynamic Doors System (Moveable doors via /door, same as gates system adjustable for factions ranks players etc)
1 to 1 Damages System with LSRP. (Modes: Knocked out, Brutally Wounded, Dead and Headshotted.
Very nice Legal Faction System, For Police Including the new MDC textdraw based also the whole penal code same as LSRP.
It also does have the new LSRP Drugs System. Drugs come in different packages, different strengths.
Very good Anti Cheat.
Logs System that could be checked via in game using /log (playerid(FullPlayerName). Logs save Paymets, Purchases of items from bizes, Kills, Deaths, Chat Logs Etc.

The UCP is fully functional.
On the UCP all regular players can check their characters stats, vehicles stats, inventory etc.

The UCP comes with ACP (Admin Control Panel) and TCP (Tester Control Panel.

From the ACP and TCP testers and admins can review applications, accept, deny and ban them.
The application system comes with a flags system which makes testers/admins jobs easy to check if an application is copied or anything like that.

Admins can also refund, admin jail, ban via the ACP.

Admins can also decrypt mask ids via the ACP, check businesses, houses, atms, appartment complexes etc.

Imgaes from the UCP and ACP: https://imgur.com/a/Eqrsamk

For more please contact me on PMs. Thank you :) 

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