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[Selling] Gamemode LS-RP Original.


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hi everyone, here I will sell gamemodes like LSRP and include the UCP web as well. And I will list and show some videos here:

  • 1. Phone system 2. Ads system(/ad /cad /ads) 3. Clothing system mall(/buy /clothing) 4. Dealership system 5. Faction system 6. Trucker system with cargos 7. Tuning system 8. Frisk system 9. Death system(injured, death) 10. Weapon system (Charge weapons and discharge, /weapon) 11. Trunk system with gun system 12. Fuel system 13. Radio system 14. Saving system + deposit/withdraw and cheques 15. Paycheck system 16. House system with furniture retextured and slots, street furniture 17. Boombox system 18. Business system 19. Licenses system 20. Snackbars system (clucking bell, burger shot, pizza, dount, /meal and other) 21. Barriers system (lock access from the police) 23. Job system (Trucker, Taxi, Mechanic, Lumberjack, Pickup) 24. Animation system 25. Drugs system 26. Crime faction system 27. Door system 28. Anticheat ++ 29. Dll

If you are interested please contact me!
My Discord: yb#2780

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