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I will get all the maps/skins you want

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Have you seen a map/skin in an server and you want them in yours? It's not a big deal, i can obtain them for you.
I can get every map/custom model/custom skin from any server (0.3.7 or 0.3-DL) (For 0.3DL the artconfig is included).

Are you interested in the maps/skins from Red County or Los Santos Roleplay? Don't worry, i have most of them.

What i have:
Red Country: 78 interiors / 375 custom models / 303 skins (No exteriors)
Los Santos: 130 interiors / All the exteriors / 117 custom models / 291 skins

(Note: The maps/skins from LS-RP and RC-RP are dated 19/04/2021)



"What you can get?" I can get every map/skin you want from any server (0.3.7 / 0.3DL - No Open.mp). If the server requires an application to join, you need to have an account there so i could use it. 

"Ohhh, you just downloaded Map Pirate PLUS!"
No little buckaroo, Map Pirate PLUS isn't working on 0.3DL and there isn't a way around to make it work so i did my own stealer for 0.3DL then also converted it to 0.3.7 because Map Pirate PLUS doesn't work on 70% of the russian servers with cool maps (it crashes when you try to steal them, mine doesn't). 

"It think it's a scam"
No i don't think so, before you buy i will send you proofs that i really got the map that you want.

"Is your stealer for sale?"

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