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[Selling] Roleplay gamemode made from scratch


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Hi. I want to sell a script me and a friend made.

We worked it for quite a long time. It's been ran on multiple communities. Now we're done and want to sell the script & rights to it.


General details:

- The mode is based in Fort Carson. It has several custom mappings. For extra payment we can work to move it to Los Santos with no problem.

- MySQL based.

- There's an anticheat for most stuff like weapons, vehicle teleportations and general shit that people do to irritate admins and players. Including anti cheats for some more advanced and annoying cheats we have had to deal with.


The script includes:


  • Administration system.
  • Dynamic faction system.
  • Dynamic house system.
  • Dynamic interiors system (incl. faction HQs).
  • Dynamic business system.
  • Vehicle system.
  • Public vehicle system.
  • A drug & weapon system for illegal factions.
  • Inventory system.
  • Clothes accessory system.
  • Several jobs.
  • Dynamic gate/doors system.
  • Dynamic objects system (you can map ingame and it saves).
  • Spray tagging system.
  • About 490 commands.


Administration System

There are 8 administrator levels.

1, 2, 3 - Normal administrator, more levels grant you access to more commands.

4 - Senior Admin. (Has access to manage factions, houses, businessses) 

5 - Lead Admin. (Has accesss to create factions, houses, businesses)

6, 7 - Management.

8 - Developer.


You can grant players admin levels with /setadmin.


Faction system

You can create a faction with /createfaction. Edit a faction with /factionedit. You can delete factions in game too, and all offline & online members will be removed from it.

You can view all factions online players count and total member count with /factionon.

Things you can dynamically set in the server as a leader:


  • Faction Name
  • Faction Abbreviation (LSPD, SASD, stuff like that)
  • Faction Chat Color (/f)
  • Spawn Position
  • Max ranks, and rank names.
  • Faction join rank. (Which rank /invite'd players get)


Admins can change the following faction attributes:


  • Faction drug permission rank (which rank can use the official drug system)
  • Faction weapon permission rank (which rank can use the official drug system)
  • Faction permission (Law faction, Medic faction, Mafia, Gang). Each permission grant different access to commands.
  • Which rank can edit the faction
  • Faction spawn weapon (for example gangs can spawn with a spraycan)


Faction Types:


  1. Normal - no special permissions.
  2. Law (police).
  3. Medics (FD).
  4. Gang.
  5. Mafia.
  6. SAN News.
  7. Garage.


House system:


You can create, delete and edit houses in game.

You can edit house price, interior, move the house to a different location.

You can own an unlimited amount of houses! However, the price increases for every house you buy.


House features:


  • A lock (/house lock)
  • Sell house (sell the house to the server for 50% of original price)
  • You can offer houses to players for a price.
  • House radio (play radio stations in your house, chosen from a list of over 50 stations)
  • House storage (10 slots for any items)


Interior system:

You can create, delete and edit interiors in game. They are usually created for the SASD HQ, hospital and general stuff.

The interiors can be normal interiors providing /enter /exit functionality or faction HQs.

You can set the interiors to any x, y, z and interior id you want.


If you make an interior a faction HQ (/setfactionint), it will unlock the following features for faction members in that interior:


  • Locking the interior.
  • Access interior storage (30 slots for items)
  • Money storage in the interior.

Business system:

You can create, delete and edit businesses in game.

Some businesses can be robbed (like 24/7) if you have a weapon. Police gets notified and you have to stay inside for 60 seconds! If you succeed in surviving, you earn a random amount of money.


Types of businesses you can create:

  1. Clothes store - Players can change skin or buy accessories (glasses, hats, bandanas, badges and special hats for cops and more!).
  2. Gun store - Players who own a weapon license can purchase weapons there.
  3. Bar - Allows to buy drinks in there.
  4. Pizza store - Allows to buy pizza related foods.
  5. Bank - Allows use of /deposit, withdraw, savings in there.
  6. Club - Allows to buy drinks.
  7. 24/7 - Allows users to purchase 24/7 related stuff (Gas Can, Spare House/Business/Vehicles keys, Mask, Spraycan, Foods).
  8. Other (grants no special permissions for the business, good for barber shops etc)
  9. Bike rental - allows to use /rentbike, can rent BMX/mountain bike/normal bike. Owners choose rental fee.
  10. Electronics store - Can purchase: Boombox http://i.imgur.com/Nm7AYb7.png, Pocket Calculator, GPS, Camera, Radio, Cellphone.
  11. Gas station - Allows to refuel vehicles, owners can set the gas price.
  12. Advertisement office - Allows to /ad, owners can set the ad fee.
  13. Car rental - Allows to /rentcar - choose from Admiral/Greenwood/Elegant/Nebula. Owners choose rental fee.
  14. Restaurant - Allows to buy foods..
  15. Donut shop - Allows to buy donut-related foods.
  16. Pay N' Spray - Repair and repaint your car. Owners can set the fee.
  17. Tools store - You can purchase a golf club, baseball bat, Shovel, Pool Cue, A Toolkit (to break into cars), A Crowbar (to break into ATMs).
  18. Job business (no one can /enter /exit that biz, used so players can get their job from a business.)
  19. Gym - Allows to purchase saving fighting styles, owners get the paid price.


Imporant: When creating businesses such as Pay N Spray, bike/car rentals you will need to define the spawn position. (Where will rentals spawn, where will pay n sprayed players will be teleported to)

You can set that position with /setbizvehpos, you enter a car and stand still at the position you want to define and then use that command.



Vehicles System:

Players can purchase and sell vehicles. They can own up to 3 vehicles.


Vehicles features:


  • Battery & Engine system - like in LSRP, cars degrade when they are destroyed and have to be repaired.
  • The typical: Lock, engine your vehicles.
  • Park (despawn your car). You can buy parking positions.
  • You can turn on/off your car lights, open bonnet/boot.
  • Car radio ("XM Radio"). Choose from over 50+ stations to play in your car.
  • Seatbelt (really does nothing but a me)
  • Trunk system: store up to 10 items in your trunk. If your car blows up they will be gone!
  • Sell your car to the server for 50% of the paid price.


Cars can be modded in the garage using /modcar. Only garage faction members have access to that command.

Things modable:


  • Wheels.
  • Front bumper.
  • Rear bumper.
  • Spoiler.
  • Sideskirt.
  • Exhaust.
  • Roof vent.
  • Paintjob.
  • Hydraulics.
  • Nitro.

All according to what is available to your type of vehicle, of course. You can preview the mods before applying them.


Public vehicle system

You can create, delete and edit public vehicles. They are always spawned and cannot be despawned.


Things you can modify in a public vehicle:

  • Vehicle model
  • Spawn position
  • Colors
  • Faction permission (meaning only a specific faction can use a vehicle)

Drug System

There are 3 type of drugs in the script. Marijuana, Cocaine and Crack Cocaine.



You can buy mari seeds as an official gang faction. You can plant them in the ground and harvest them after a while.

Imgs: http://i.imgur.com/hS0qXQx.png http://i.imgur.com/Fqmsed4.png http://i.imgur.com/xvsdxlL.png

Using marijuana will grant HP that can extend until 150 HP (10 hp per use).


Cocaine / Crack Cocaine:

The process is thorough and just like in real life. You buy several products from the cocaine store to make them. I will not describe it here as it's too long.

Cocaine - 25 hp per use. Crack Cocaine - 20 hp per use. Up until 150 hp max.


Illegal Weapons System

Illegal official factions can order weapons from the gun dealer (it's an actor that spawns in random locations).

The police can arrest the gun dealer actor to prevent it from appearing for a while. 


When a member orders a weapon, they will have to wait a couple minutes until they receive an SMS. They will get a checkpoint on the map where the order has arrived.

Police are notified at the same time too and can respond to that. 

At the location there'll be a crate with the weapon inside. The player who ordered has crate keys in his inventory and can open the crate. He can also give the keys to someone else.

If the police gets there first, they can use a forklift to /liftcrate and dispose it at the police HQ, revealing what was inside too.


Img of the crate: http://i.imgur.com/Zo5Zorc.png


Inventory System

Every item you buy/get in the game saves in your inventory. That includes drugs, weapons, radio, cellphone, mask, foods and etc.

Each player has 15 slots in his inventory. You can access inventory by pressing N or typing /inv.

It's easy to add items to the inventory in the script, you just add the item name and item type to the array and you can use it anywhere.

Admins can view all items that exist with /items and add themselves items with /addmeitem.

You can give items to players with /giveitem, some items cannot be given (such as cellphone).

List of items: http://pastebin.com/XbPcXeVY

Img: http://i.imgur.com/DidpTYj.png


Clothes accessories

You can buy accessories in a clothes store business. Normal players have 3 slots, donators have 5.

List of clothes: http://pastebin.com/yHFD2nww

Some clothes are restricted to law enforcers.




List of jobs:

  1. Farmer - drive thru checkpoints with the farming vehicle to earn $.
  2. Street cleaner - drive a sanitation vehicle and collects trash from trashbins, dump them at the trash area to earn $.
  3. Mechanic - fix, paint cars. You can buy components for money and use them for repairs, and more. You can also tow cars using your towtruck.
  4. Trucker - Drive to businesses and deliver products to earn $.
  5. Taxi Driver - get a Taxi and set a fee. Give people rides for money. There's a special hotline for Taxi and you can set a taxi sign of your own! http://i.imgur.com/Jq2NxoY.png
  6. Pizzaboy - Drive a pizza bike to houses and earn money and random tips. http://i.imgur.com/o5k3jLS.png
  7. Car Jacker - steal cars and sell their parts for money. Drop off the cars to finish your job.
  8. Detective - Allows to trace phone numbers. 

Each job "route" has cooldown. You get your money into your paycheck balance which can be collected from the bank. Cooldowns are reduced if you're a donator.


Jobs have ranks. For each route you complete, you gain XP. When you reach max XP for your level, you level up. There are generally 3 ranks for a job.

Higher ranks earn more money from their routes.



Dynamic Gate/Door system

You can create gates and doors in game dynamically, edit and delete them. Only admins can manage gates.

Gate features:

  • Change gate name.
  • Change gate object model.
  • Change gate virtual world, interior.
  • Change the gate moving speed.
  • Change the access distance (from how far can players open/close gate)
  • Give gate open/close access only to a specific house owner / faction.
  • Easily modify the open/close position of the gate/door.

Dynamic Object System

A simple system provided for higher level admins. You can create, delete and move objects in-game, or list the objects near you.

You can browse/search object models in game with /browseobjects.


Spray Tagging System

Any player can buy a spraycan and tag text in specific locations. You can change the tag font and text colors.

Any tag is alerted to admins, who tagged what and where, to avoid abuse.

img: http://i.imgur.com/Odqd0mz.png



User Control Panel

A Web UCP can be sold in addition. It's made by me and adjusted to the gamemode. Written with PHP and Angularjs.

Features for players: Register (send application), login, info dashboard (admin record, cash info, general stats), notifications, see who's online, 

Features for admins: See logs (fetched from FTP), check applications, query user - view user info, admin record.

Images from the UCP:






There's much more. I cannot list all the features we have. It's just too much to write.

The script is about 31k lines long if anyone's interested.





I can provide a demo to the UCP and a demo SAMP server if you show interest in purchasing.

I will grant you admin permissions in the ucp/samp server for you to test anything you want.



I don't plan to multi-sell this script as it's very unique and it'll be sad to see that posted on the internet by some randoms.

You can bid anything you want to me via email or skype.

Payment methods: PayPal, Skrill or any other safe payment method. Be creative ;)



E-mail (preferred): [email protected]

For my Skype, PM or e-mail me. I will only be available during weekends.

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You didn't make this script it's the HG RP script that was an LS-RP re-make. I strongly advise you stop trying to sell other peoples work.


Lol what, kiddo? The fuck is HG RP?


On topic; The script has been updated with new features since, and is now based in Los Santos.

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