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[Professional] Scripting Service


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[align=center]Looking For A Professional Scripter?[/align]


[align=center][align=left]Hi,im Mouiz and im providing scripting services on very low prices,i am capable of scripting almost any kind of scripts including (Admin systems, VIP systems, Textdraws, Commands and much more stuff),i have 1 and half year or scripting experience,i can script in the following databases:[/align]




  • MySQL



  • Y_INI

  • Dini





[align=left]I can script on almost any gamemode but I have interest in these gamemodes:[/align]



  • [align=left]   FreeRoam[/align]

  • [align=left]   Deathmatch[/align]

  • [align=left]   Stunt[/align]

  • [align=left]   Team Deathmatch[/align]

  • [align=left]   Gangwars[/align]

  • [align=left]   Minigames[/align]

  • [align=left]   COD Servers[/align]

  • [align=left]   Derby[/align]

  • [align=left]   Race[/align]

  • [align=left]  Sumo Servers[/align]

  • [align=left]   And Other Unique Gamemodes[/align]



[align=left]Contact Details:[/align]


            Skype: mouizghouri25[/align]


[align=left]            Contact Me On PM[/align]





[align=left]You can take a look at the scripts created by me here: GitHub

My SA-MP Forum Account: K0P[/align]


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