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Hi guys i have free host tab i hosted my server from it




Want Free Hosted Tab For SA-MP ? Get It Now !


Free SA-MP hosted tab


Do you want free hosted tab listing for your Own SA-MP server ?? If yes,Then you are at right place.







SA-MP or San Andreas multiplayer is really popular among online gamers.SA-MP offers you multiple types of gaming server scripted by the owners or getting the Gamemodes from publishers on SA-MP Official Forums.


Starting a server is not a hard work.You can start a server by getting paid or free hosting.But major problem comes when we talk about getting players on server.As we all know Hosted tab is a section which is usually for high quality servers as the owners.Sites like www.game-mp.com andwww.hostedtab.com offers you Hosted tabs for your SA-MP server 9-10$ per Month which is quiet high.So we have found a newly Trusted member of SA-MP who is giving free hosted for 30 days.


Just only 30 days free hosted tab ?

Yes, that is true free hosted tab is only for 30 days and it needs to be used only once after that you have to buy hosted tab monthly.I have given a try on their service and i got 30 days free hosted tab listing for my SA-MP server just after few days i had closed my server as i had no more interest in samp.


Are they trusted ?

Actually if you have asked this question before trying them i had definitely said no,but i really thought what's wrong in trying them later i thought of trying them and i found them really helpful if you have to grow your samp community.


Who are They ?

Yes,they are Torque Hosted Tab Lister's.I had got 30 days free hosted tab for my samp server then later i found their site got closed due to some technical problem with their old domain name.Now they have hosted their site on a sub-domain site but they are still distributing free Hosted tab listing for people.So you shall give them a try and get your free samp hosted tab listing now.


Get Free Hosted Tab for SA-MP server Here

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  • Avovix Management

The point is, you don't just get free hosted-tab to someone. Would you buy someone free hosted tab ($15)? I wouldn't. The fact you're advertising this, with a different service (ultra-h), is very contradicting!


There must be some kind of catch with this website. Other than this, it doesn't even function properly.

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A listing lasts 31 days, not 30.


None of the servers listed @ http://www.freehostedtab.co.vu/p/server-in-hosted-tab-by-us.html are on hosted tab, neither is yours (I checked them).


"Torque Hosting Tabs provides you Free/Paid Hosted Tab Listing for your Own SA-MP server.Game servers are getting popular and needs gets paid too much for hosted tabs.People owning servers are closing their servers as they needs to be in Hosted tab for greater performance."


There is no such thing as "free hosted tab listings". It's a paid service, there is only one official provider, and the quantity per account is limited. The testimonials don't look legit either, it looks like the creators of that website wrote them due to the terrible grammar of theirs.


They are even using a free domain, so you're telling me that they can afford listings that they just give away for FREE, but can't afford a .com or .net domain for example, which is cheaper and has a yearly billing cycle? It's more than obvious they aren't a legit service. A moderator should just remove this thread.

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