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[Selling] game modes


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Hey guys 

i scripted some game modes and i sold some and i want to sell the rest

well as soon as all know i am a famous sailor and never scammed someone 

so as soon as i am selling in this site so i will get the whole mount of it and i will donate 40% of the price to the forum owner (i hope you contact me so i know ur paypal id)


How do i sell the game modes?



For those who don't know me my way is easy


You send me forum pm with those details 


Witch game mode you want? : 
irl name : 
irl age: 
what paying time would you like to pay me via (payslip/betcoin):
Price you are paying:


After i confirm your request ill resend you a pm with my paypal/btc id

When you pay the mount you dealed for ill re confirm it and then i will send you another pm with the game mode uploaded on mediafire,after this it will be for you but to make sure you won't say its your your for others i added some thing in it so it be know its for me when anyone see the scripts.


Game mods that are available : 

×5 cnr 

×2 RP 

×2 COD 

×4 minigames

None is sold yet

And each game mode have different things (scripts/system/maps)


Don't pm me unless you will buy and only with that code otherwise i wont reply on you

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