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We'd like to keep Multimart and any of Avovix Solutions websites a clean, friendly and welcoming environment, as such please keep these guidelines in mind while enjoying your time on our services,

Our guidelines are in place to protect those who wish to post content on our platform as much as they are to help us moderate our platforms, that being said.. By posting on Multimart or any of Avovix Solution's services (those that allow it) you agree to abide by the following guidelines, rules and limitations set here-forth on this page and waive any right to membership on this or any service we provide should a member of our Moderation Teams deem it necessary  to terminate your membership.

Account Limitations

  • One account per-household, exceptions can be made if the situation requires it.
  • Vulgar, Offensive or otherwise obscene user names will not be accepted nor allowed
  • Impersonating other community members on any of Avovix Solution's services
    • Including other sites not owned or operated by us will also not be tolerated
    • You will be permanently banned from our platforms
  • Nude, Sexualized profile pictures, covers, signatures or uploads will not be toldered
    • You will be permanently banned from our platforms
  • Referencing social accounts that aren't operated by Avovix Solutions to solicit trades off-site will not be tolerated.

Posting Limitations

  • You may only post in English on any services that allow it, unless a category specifically states otherwise
  • Familiarize yourself with any categories on a service that has them as separate rules may be enforced
  • You may only "bump" (Posting on a thread to achieve higher views and more community interaction) in less than a two (2) day period from the date of the last post
    • Threads that have not had replies within a one ( 1 ) month period are considered "dead" do not reply to them unless its absolutely necessary
    • You will be warned for doing such, repeat offenders will be suspended from our services for upto six weeks
    • For advertisements/advertising please see the section below.
  • You may not re-create threads that have been locked by any member of our Community Team
    • These threads have been locked for a reason and this will be stated by a response from the community member who locked it (Current or Former)
  • Responding to threads in such a manner to increase your post count ( as follows ) will be considered spam
    • "Hello", "This Works", "This is awesome"
  • Threads pertaining to virtual sales, services or otherwise must be the content and creation of the author
    • You may not post/create threads that act as a "Community Well", threads that encourage other people to advertise
    • You may not create threads that are vague, misleading or untrue
    • You may not create threads that do not pertain to your services, items or content
      • Such as extremely long titles with the body of the post stating "Titles says it all"
  • When posting large amount of text that may not be pertinent to the threads, such as code or long documentation please use the following
    • For code, use the function provided by our Editor.. And wrap it within a code block
    • For long documentation such as change logs, wiki please use our Spoiler function provided by the editor
  • Flaming will be not be tolerated, you will be warned for any type of flame on any section of the site
  • You do not allow advertising of Communities, Services, Sites that conflict with Avovix Solutions' services or platforms
    • Sites that infringe on services/platforms/options/sections/categories (as follows, but not limited to)
  • Think of the person on the other-side of the screen
    • When giving criticism make it constructive, rather than institutive; Help the person improve their craft 


When advertising on any services provided by Avovix Solution's (those that allow it) please keep your posts informative, descriptive and well layout; We don't want to see cluttered Advertisements that are just jumbles of words in a single paragraph, put some thought into what you're advertising and why you're advertising it.

That being said, here are rules that will be enforced by our Moderation team, make sure you're following these as we may remove your right to advertise on our Services.

  • You will not be allowed to Advertise Illegal services that provide such services (but not limited to) as follows
    • Phishing Attacks, Email Spam (or anything that is similar)
    • Bot Accounts such as View Botting,  Follow Botting
    • Black Market Sites, eTrading/Betting (For (but not limited to) Counter Strike, Team Fortress skins, items)
    • This list in not all-inclusive and if you have any questions feel free to ask them in our "Community Assistance" sections (on our services that include it)
  • You will not be able to Advertise Independent hosting services that are unregistered in the following countries (Or a country that has business  registration)
    • United Kindom
    • United States
    • Canada
    • Sweeden
    • Finland
    • This list in not all-inclusive and if you have any questions feel free to ask them in our "Community Assistance" sections (on our services that include it)
  • You may not Advertise services such as but not limited to
    • Prostitution
    • Pornography (Of any kind, including but not limited to Child, Teen, Pre-Teen)#
      • In these cases, information will be provided to local law enforcement
    • Abusive, Gory, Gruesome
  • You may not post, comment or bump your original post during/after/before any time period this will be considered spam and your topic will be removed (see below)
    • Posting on your thread to achieve higher views, to bump your thread to the top is not acceptable; If you wish to add information please edit the original topic 
    • You are not permitted to post/open/create multiple topics pertaining to the same company, item or otherwise; One thread per-person, per-company, per-(anything)

These guidelines are not a full comprehensive list, guide on what you should or should not do on any of Avovix Solution's services; As such we ask that you behave like a human being and not a primate, meaning think before you post.. Multimart is not a community for Illegal transactions, services or anything of the like and as such we do not tolerate this kind of behaviour or content.

Discord  & Discord Synchronization / Linking

Avovix Solutions, Multimart provide an exclusive discord server provided by the Discord Platform (https://discordapp.com) that requires to link your Discord Account to your Multimart/Avovix Solution's Service (Platform) Account to use; We reserve the following rights to the information you agree to provide by linking your Discord Account under your Account Settings on the platform/all platforms.

  • Discord Account Information
    • Display Name
    • Discriminator (#XXXX)
    • Email Address

Our discord server is purely for community collaboration, discussion and out-reach; We do not approve or officially announce community threads, products or services.

  • #general - Is limited to conversion, discussions and general chats; There should be no mention of products, services, good or anything that can be considered "selling"/"buying"
  • #memes - This should be obvious, no NSFW.
  • #advertisements - Post your services, products here; We limit this to verified members.
  • #looking - If you need something specific, ask in here and someone might know.

Official Moderators, our community will be marked with our official Logo located at the top of the website; Here's how to tell if someone is a moderator!

  • Official Moderators will be displayed as being apart of the following groups
    • Avovix Management
    • Moderator
    • Trial Moderator
  • Posts via moderators will be highlighted the same as Multimart Insiders messages
  • Posts via moderators will include the the Multimart Logo in the bottom right of their signatures
    • Hover of the image and it should display "Official Multimart Staff Member"
    • If the image does not display the above text when hovered over, please report the user immediately 

Last Updated: 03/07/2020 @ 6:26 (GMT) PM

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