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    • ======= ★► Server infromation ◄★ =======
      Name:Call of Duty - Adventure Of War (0.3.7)
      Server ip:
      Discord server:https://www.discord.gg/cd8ADq5
      Facebook page:https://www.facebook.com/AoW-Community-2101551133407049/
      Facebook group:https://www.facebook.com/groups/1601763349937120/about/
      ============ ★► Staff team ◄★ ==============
      Founder/s: Stranger, Sauron ◄★
      Hoster/s: Sauron, Sikander ◄★
      Scripter/s: Sikander,Anurag ◄★
      Server Manager/s: MrPolice ◄★  
    • Company with IT&C profile we offer hosting services at competitive prices: dedicated servers, virtual dedicated servers - VDS and servers colocation. Our data center is located in Romania.   Dedicated server HP DL160 Gen9 4LFF 32GB - 123.76 EUR / month CPU - 1 * E5-2620 v4 ( 8 cores / 16 threads ) Frequency - base: 2.1 Ghz / max: 3.0 Ghz RAM - 32 GB Power - 2 * 900W Ethernet - 2 * 1 Gbps   Dedicated server HP DL160 Gen9 4LFF 64GB - 392.70 EUR / month CPU - 2 * E5-2680 v4 ( 14 cores / 28 threads ) Frequency - base: 2.4 Ghz / max: 3.3 Ghz RAM - 64 GB Power - 2 * 900W Ethernet - 2 * 1 Gbps   Dedicated server HP DL380 Gen9 15LFF 64GB - 508.73 EUR / month CPU - 2 * E5-2690 v4 ( 14 cores / 28 threads ) Frequency - base: 2.6 Ghz / max: 3.5 Ghz RAM - 64 GB Power - 2 * 500W Ethernet - 4 * 1 Gbps   You could check our monthly deals here: http://deals.host-expert.eu/   On request we can provide, depending on your needs: - additional processors - additional RAM - additional storage - additional IP addresses - Windows Server 2016 Data Center - incremented backup Veeam   If you have any questions or need further information, please contact us!
    • message me I wanna uy these
    • Hello, i'm selling a gamemode similiar to Banks & Untitled. It has all the systems needed for a deathmatch server + fully mysql. It contains:   - Full admin system coded from stratch, - Freeroam System, - Token Shop System, - DM Arenas,  - Duel System, - Ban system with unique dialog - MYSQL System,  - PM System, - VIP System, - Chat system (different languages), - Hitsounds system, - Anti C-BUG system, - Jail system, - 5 Levels of administrators (Trial Administrator, Administrator, Senior Administrator, Lead Administrator, Management) - 150+ Commands, - Full logs system which you can check in phpmyadmin - Many other features. Here are some screenshots:  https://imgur.com/a/OZG7vXn   And also some screenshots from phpmyadmin(MYSQL):  https://imgur.com/a/Y7n5c36   This gamemode is fully written from stratch and no one else has it, it is not shared or stolen. Post a reply or contact me on discord (Clay
      #8595) if you're interesed on buying it.
    • I'm sorry but if you cannot use common sense when using the internet, you shouldn't be "trading" in the slightest form; On the internet or in the real world.. You are responsible for your actions, you are responsible for how you proceed with a transactions.. We are not here to molly-coddle you through them, we have provided Community Complaints as a courtesy since we opened back up... This change is apart of an attempt to keep Multimart and any Avovix Solution's platforms, services or any unmentioned kind safe... We wish to keep communication localised on our platform for moderation and security reasons.. If you wish to take those communications off platform feel free to do so, we're not stopping you.. However we will not investigate Complaints that have been taken off in such a matter. If scammers love me or not that isn't any of my concern or yours for that matter... If you have a problem with how we Multimart and Extension Avovix Solutions operate our platforms then you're more than welcome to submit an internal complain here and it'll be reviewed when myself or @Husky get a chance to do so.. That being said, there is nothing stopping you from not using our platform, you can leave at any point in time and we even provide a way for you to delete your account in accordance with European Law, Regulations even if they have no been fully introduced locally in your region by your governing leadership. Further more, feel free to take a look at our Terms Of Service and Private policy located in the Main Navigation at the top of the site under the "About Us" tab, this will provide you with details on both the aforementioned policies.. Which you agreed to manually when they were updated earlier in the year and accept to follow these and understand them whilst using Multimart or any of Avovix Solutions platforms... https://www.multimart.org/terms/     All the best,
      Austin "TheOnlyDroid"
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