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    • 1. Main Gamemode has 2 version - English / Russian. About the gamemode code: https://imgur.com/a/ma3abJG UCP: https://imgur.com/a/rUd96Jb I am selling a fully dynamic gamemode with UCP registration (you can switch in game registration).  I'm selling copies of the game mode More than 1000 commands! I am the developer of the mode and its sole owner 2. Prices:  gamemode : 85€ UCP: 16€ 3. Short description:  Emphasis was placed on dynamic systems. Some systems have improved copying from the LSRP/RCRP. The module was written for 2 years, excellent functionality, there are many unique systems (for example: a drug production system) and a lot of other interesting things. I am ready to reveal all the details in a personal conversation with those who are interested in buying.
    • Well, I am looking for a basic roleplay script. By that I mean that includes jobs as well as factions (legals and illegals), it should include banking system, as well as activity and inactivity sytem ( for propreties and vehicles). It would be desirable that it includes donation system or donator ranks so that certain ranks have more privilages. I think this is pretty common in most of the samp scripts. Also, it should have car/bike renting system without bugs. Driving licence school, etc. Basicly, all roleplay systems. Yeah, like this is just a tiny little bit of things that I would like to see in the script
    • What type of script are you looking to create?
    • Hello cyber people :D I am searching for a scriptor who could create a game mode for a sa-mp server. I am looking for someone with an experiance who could create and modify the script the way I'd like to. Unfortuantely I have no idea how to script but am willing to pay.  Now, the most important thing for me is that you are very familiar with a pawno and the way that samp works. I am looking for someone who could make the script in english so that I could translate it later on to my native language.  If there is anyone willing to work, please let me know, you can dm me.   
    • bump script updated with latest features and server test
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