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    • High Generation Gaming Roleplay SERVER IP:
      SERVER WEBSITE: hg-gaming.ml
      TEAMSPEAK: DISCORD: discord.gg/gCTeG8Q __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ High Generation Gaming Roleplay is a medium-roleplay server. Of course, every roleplay server needs to have experienced administrators, active members, factions, houses, businesses, developers, etc, and we have all those! There is backpack system, new gang system, unique HMA system (You can be hma and group member in the same time), drug turf system and many new unique systems. High Generation Gaming Roleplay has an awesome staff team! They are nice, experienced in what they do, and go through some training. If you wish to be staff member, you have to speak/write english correctly and be active. Please join us at ! We'll be happy to see you.
    • Archive this, going to re-make the thread and improve it.
    • — Forums: http://forum.u-rp.com/index.php
      — Discord: http://u-rp.com/discord Soon to open for beta-testing. Universal Roleplay is a SA:MP Gaming community, primarily revolving around the roleplay aspect of the modification on Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Here, we hold a very high role play standard. We make sure to run a community that's always fair and fun for everyone. If you are an experienced role player, this is the right place for you. If you are a novice role player you are very welcome as well but always make sure to read all of the rules to make sure that you have the smoothest role play experience as possible. The server started development in September 2017 and is worked on daily. The script is a work in progress, however it is our plan to launch beta-testing in a few weeks time, if not less than that. Our script is worked on and tested by the minute, so we are making progress every tick of the clock. Our purpose is simple: we want to create a new, enjoyable roleplay community with high standards and different features that the rest. We do not make promises we can't keep. CHECK OUT OUR  ADVERTISEMENT   Wishing everyone the best, the staff of Universal Roleplay.
    • Good News:Executive State Roleplay is now HIRING EXPERIENCED ADMINS 
      1.Must have experience of being an ADMIN 
      2.Must have played roleplay server
      3.Must be dedicated 
      4.Must be reliable 
      5.Someone who can Roleplay
      6.Must be active
      7.Must not be corrupt and a rule abiding player
      8.Someone who can control his temper and someone who will be fair
      9.Must be helpful
      10.Must be considerate and respectful 
      5 Junior Admins(JA)
      4 Senior Admins(SA)
      5 Head Admins(HA)
      How to APPLY:
      1.Send your ingame name we don't need your real name
      2.Send your stats in your previous server ofcourse to see if you are following server rules
      3.Tell us why we should hire you instead of other applicants
      4.Tell us how will you help the community
      5.Tell us why do you wanna be an admin 
      6.Tell us your capabilities like making forums like that or making TS server 
      7.Tell us what admin rank are you applying for
      8.Tell us why do you want that particular rank and why should we give it to you

      Send all of this following to our discord server 
      discord.gg/ugc4jkB here is the invitation 

      Server Information:We are currently fixing some bugs and fixing some things that is why we are looking for experienced people we are only looking for admins not players right now because we are still fixing the server thanks alot and we want to make the server the best and give the players the service they want from us.Our admins right now are strict,they are friendly and they are playful ofcourse I am one of them 

      Our Goal:To make a server that is fun to play,new players will learn to roleplay and of course a server without or less rule breakers and to inspire rulebreakers to roleplay instead of breaking the rules

      Our server IP:

      See ya ingames thanks alot

                      Executive Admin
    • Extreme Stunting About us:
      Extreme Stunting. You should've heard about this marvelous community somewhere! Extreme Stunting is a SA:MP server based off a Stunting gamemode with multiple modes like Cops and Robbers, Last Man Standing, Don't Fall, Roleplay, Parkour Events, and much more to explore! The community was started by [USSR]Blood in the year 2012, and has been running online till 2014. After a lot of problems, it's finally back in action like never before! Join our community, and you'll never think of leaving us! Administration:
      We are experienced, we are helpful, we are active, we are capable of doing anything within the limit, we can do anything! Our present staffs are hand-picked, and are highly experienced. They act mature at all times, and keep you entertained in the server! They often conduct events, and never let you lose your interest in our server! Gamemode:
      Our gamemode is completely scripted from scratch, we are a unique server. The gamemode is often updated, and the bugs are never left out! In case if a bug has been reported, the bug will be immediately fixed and will take effect on the next server restart! We're so fast that the bugs can't stay for a long time here. Our gamemode is designed to run in a user-friendly manner, so you will never miss anything. The commands are at your fingertips, and everything is easy to handle! Mapping:
      The server is full of maps, which are mapped by our professional mappers! You cannot find a mistake in their mapping, because it's so neatly done and perfectly crafted in a way the players will enjoy it. Our mapping team is always searching for new ideas, and they roll out maps very quickly! You can't beat our professional mapping team, and their experience in mapping. Check their mappings in the server, and you'll feel amazed! Features:
      A wonderful housing system, with over 813 houses around San Andreas! Speedboost system, which makes you travel to space in no time! A power-packed VIP system, with more than 40 VIP features and commands. Advanced IRC System, which allows remote access to everything! Reaction Test system - You just can't beat the speed! Math test system - Let everyone know you're a calculator! Lottery System - most advanced, and enjoyable system; test your luck.. Advanced Achievements System Anti-money hacking systems Gangwar system, with zone capturing! Infernus Skilling (DM Racing) maps - accept the challenge if you can! Last Man Standing minigame Don't Fall minigame Derby mingame, with automatic map changing system! Advanced vehicle tuning system Advanced attachment system (/HOLD) Effective ban system (temporary & permanent) Advanced logging system, which logs everything! A supreme Stunting System, with a variety of stunts! Different drift locations, to enjoy drifting! Parkours - Sanchez, NRG-500, BMX, Maze Advanced Racing System Advanced Clan/Gang system /TOPLIST System, which contains many sub-categories Gungame - yes, we were the first server to have it back in 2012. Custom Player Control Panel (Under-Development) And there's a lot more to explore in the server!
      Server Information
      IP: Port: 7778 Website: Extreme Stunting IRC Information
      Server: POOL.IRC.TL Port: 6667 Channel: #extreme-stunting
      So what are you waiting for? The whole community is waiting for you!  Trailers: OLD Version:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pYNznvpjSRU   
      FPS Trailer (New Version):https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jWkKbOf3J6g   By Evan
      OLD Version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-tLADNxa-zo   By Tubby123
      OLD Version:: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MH3QOmh85Ec  By ScRaT (Reese)
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