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    • About COD-MW3 MW3  since 2013 & It is a massive gaming community with an immense playerbase on the SA-MP platform owned and managed by an undoubtedly extremely professional and experienced management team, also not to mention the junior staff under the supervision working 24/7 with the objective to provide fair gameplay for all its lovely players.We assure fair gameplay and fun time  to all our players and thank everyone who has been a part of our community till now because it’s not just the staff but each one of us here who made this beautiful community mw3 as what it is today...      Server Information Server IP : / play.mw3-samp.org:7777 Forum : https://mw3-samp.org Discord : discord.me/codmw3     Gameplays / Promotion Videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZvS0G6kWL_0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GTjgKNfPlV8&t=137s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fSwDRKrqyss     What are you waiting for?Join the server and have fun with us!!!
    • Call of Duty - World War IV [RE OPEN] Introduction:   The World War IV was officially founded by Droxx before few months, but was closed due to IRL issues
      We just opened the server for one month and it got than 50+ playerbase daily, Which was a great
      achievement for us to get early players within the first month, and the server is now opened again, As the
      Development team is now back active again Server Information:   Server Information:

      Server IP:
      Website: sampgaming.com
      Hosted Tab: Yes.     Server Features: - 7 Teams, 6 Classes
      - Rank system
      - Advance capture zone system with good looking textdraws
      - New Team / Class selection!
      - Player LIVE stats textdraw
      - Custom textdraw menu for weapons and inventory shops
      - Amazing Inventory system (/inv)
      - Airstrike system, call an airstrike anywhere with /as
      - Carepackage system, call a carepack anywhere with /carepack
      - Weapon drop system (objects drop)
      - /Dropgun command
      - Duel system with custom weapon choice and bet (weapons textdraw menu)
      - Anti spawnkill protection system with countdown textdraws
      - Team balance system, Using array sorting function
      - Custom spawn weapons feature (/weapons [1-3])
      - Protection Helmet (avoid headshot)
      - Gas Mask (avoid tear gas effect)
      - Instant class and team switch (/sc, /st)
      - Instant spawn switch (/ss)
      - Help dialog (/help)
      - Player synchronize option (/sync anytime)
      - Anti base rape
      - Anti team attack
      - Anti team jack
      - Weapon spree system
      - Tear gas effects (cough)
      - Weapon drop on death
      - Spawn protection for 10 seconds
      - Restriction for vehicles
      - Prototype vehicle system
      - Zone bonuses
      - Capture zone textdraws
      - VIP System and Chat
      - Personal weapons (/weapons, /resetweapon)
      - Team radio
      - Admin team commands
      - Donor commands
      - Helper Status system (/ask) helpr can (/answer)
      - Rappeling system only for pilot class
      - Achievements System
      - Anticheat system
      - Antenna System
      - New Maps
      - Airplane Passenger      
    • eSG Freeroam /Stunt/Race/Freeroam/Minigames Hostname: eSG Freeroam /Stunt/Race/Freeroam/Minigames Players: 2/100  38 Registered Player Ping:95 Mode: Stunt/Race/Freeroam/Parkour1-5/Derby/Shooter/Fallout/DSS/TDM/BF/DM1-6/DSM/DDS Language: English Server IP: ---NEED MORE PLAYERS--- The server is new need more players, more faction leaders.
    • Hey. I added you i do have RC-RP and LSRP scripts. It's toopoor on discord.
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