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  1. Hi, I'm back selling Italy Mafia Roleplay or simply known as IM:RP script. Images (read: this images doesn't represents all the features available in the script): 2022 UPDATE: Now fully integrated with Discord to In-game. Join our discord for more change logs. The latest script is now available to be purchase using the link below. (redirected) V7.6.2 [War] - Faction members can leave their faction themselves during a war (/leavefaction) (T0 excluded). - A tier 0 faction leader can decide to surrender a war (/surrender). Once you surrender, no turning back. - /close cannot be used if you were shot within the last 5 minutes. [Player] - You can now /pay using K or M instead of putting a lot of ZEROES. - Added session time in /stats. - When using /fbk inside a house or interior, the marker for backup will be placed in the entrance. - Increase login time from 30 seconds to 60 seconds. - Molotov isnow reduced from 20,000 materials to 10,000 materials. - RPG is now reduced from 25,000 materials to 15,000 materials. - Received offline private messages will now display the date and time of when they have been sent. - If you are muted, the remaining time will now be displayed when trying to chat. [Paintball] - Disabled 'F' key to enter paintball. Now using /enter or /exit. - You won't be switching teams anymore when you died in paintball. (use /changeteam instead). - Once you exit the paintball, your old health and armour will be restored. - Once you exit the paintball, your old weapons will be restored (if any). [Casino] - Casino Dealers: /closebets has been removed; bets will be closed automatically upon using /roulette. [House] - /rentroom will now set a checkpoint to the nearest rentable house [Faction] - Faction skins are no longer bound to ethnicity/gender; they can be used by any member. [Admins] - Hardware Ban (Management Only) --- Head+ can now hardware ban a player via in-game. --- You can now check and remove hardware ban via-ingame. - Spectating --- Once you stop spectating, your old health and armour will be restored. --- Once you stop spectating, your old weapons will be restored (if any). --- Once you stop spectating, you will be respawned at your current location before you start spectating. V7.6.3 [Commands] - Revamped /services dialog [Vehicles] - Added /car psell. (usage > /car psell [playerid] [price]) - Fixed /car psell bug [29/3] - Added /car seat [1-3] [Car unimpound [in testing]] - /car unimpounded fixed and readded. - added Faction's vehicle into /car unimpound (can't be unimpound manually yet -- PD NEEDED). - Vehicle with 666 impounded fees will no longer be able to unimpound (not tested) - PD: /car impound [carid] [Damage] - Added a hitsound when you get hit by a sniper rifle. (for sync issues) [Special Turfs] - /floadguns will not work if the special turf is being taken over. - Special turfs (guncrates, runs, ..) now require 5 members in the turf to take over. (normal turfs remain at 4) - If your faction owned turf at Tierra Robada (turfID: 55), you will be getting 10% discount when loaded some guns & bullets (/floadguns) [Bugs Fixed:] - Bikes are now won't be locked anymore after admin uses /respawncars. - Fixed /faction > information (gunstock) weird texts. - Fixed /car unimpound [carid] for PD unable to unimpound impounded vehicles. Admins [Discord] - Revamped a few staff channels. - Added radio logs. - Added war kills and death logs. - Added player command logs. [Warehouses] - revamped /warehouses command. - removed unused/useless warehouse (pd/sasf/sdc etc). [Vehicles] - /v reset will now reset all items inside the vehicle (guns/money/bullets and etc) V7.6.4 PlayerFPS - If your FPS is above 100, you will be warning 3 times before you getting kicked automatically by server. Services - Revamped /services to be more accurate. Air Vehicles - You can't use weapons anymore while surfing air vehicles (stunt, mav etc) Cooldowns - You now must wait 5 seconds before entering/exiting a interior (house/biz/tp) Stats - Added PTStatus in stats. - Added player's FPS in PlayerNetworkStats (Tab > Player) Faction - Revamp /ftakegun - Added Faction-Houses. - Added Faction-House Gunstock, GunstockCap (fixed at 1000). - You will now be spawned at faction-house if your Tier 0 enabled it. - You now can /ftakegun inside your faction house or hq (if enabled). - You can now /fstocktog [faction/house]. If house is selected, you must put house ID (belong to your faction) and it will enabled/disabled stock for that specific house. - Added faction houses list in /faction > Houses Admins - Added notification warning for admins if player FPS is over 100+. V7.6.5 Added /fslotsupgrade [member/house] - not tested. -- changed /fstocktog faction to /fstocktog hq instead. [Faction] - Added /fslotsupgrade [member/house]. - revamp /fstocktog. - You can now tog faction stock for hq or house [houseid] using /fstocktog [hq/house] [houseid = only for houses] - Added /faction > setting > housespawn (to enable or disable house spawn for faction members) PlayerFPS - FPS Warning is now slightly longer than it used to be. More time to adjust the fps. [Turf] - Revamp /turftakeover. - Added turf lead by [playername]. - FIXED: Faction that isn't in alliance won't be getting random notification when any faction taking over a turf. [House] - You can now factionize house by using /house > setting > factionize (no refund) - Revamped /houselocker - /houselocker still work as before (/houselocker take/store .... ) - Added /houselocker take/store for MONEY. [Clothes Shop] - /clothes will now show selection model. - /clothes [skinid] is now optional [Admins] - Revamped restricted skins for illegal faction. - Faction Skins is now fully in SQL - /afaction skin1/skin2 [factionid] [skinid] - /rskins to show restricted skins for illegal. V7.6.6 [War] - Money in faction bank account will automatically get deducated for the amount of war prize. - Faction that won the war will automatically gets their prize in their faction bank account. - Winner and loser of the war will get notified. [Faction] - Added fauth for faction-house. - Faction with faction-house auth will now able to lock or unlock factionized house. - fixed /faction dialog [Vehicle] - Added shortcut key "Y" to start/turn off an engine. [Server] - Added /prad - Added K/M for bank, atm and houselocker. - Miscellaneous bug fixes - 07/04 - Now, almost fully discord integrated. [Business] - Added bicycle dealership. [Discord] - Added !players command to show ig-players count. - Added !admins & !helpers for connected server staffs. - Added !anc, !dnc, !nclist, !aask & !asklist for server staffs. - Added !a and !h for admin/helper chat for server staffs. - Added turf,report,namechanges and asklist logs. - revamped more server logs to make it clean. [Admin] - Added more war logs. - Added /anc, /dnc and /nclist for namechange request 7.6.7 [Turf] - Alliance will now get a discount (10% OFF) for all special turfs. [Discord] - Revamped more server logs in Discord. - Added hourly backup account database channel (updated once every paycheck). - Added !profile to check players public profile. [Admins] - Added !cp !matchgpci & !matchdiscord to check player's specific logs. [Server] - Discord Roles will now be updated once every 30-40 seconds to save server performance. [Faction Chat] - You can now talk to your faction members in-game via discord. - You can now check online faction members by using !fon 2021 UPDATE: Frisk sytem (/acceptfrisk stuff). Added and revamped squalo runs. Added driving school system (you no longer need to sit, you have to drive to the cp) Paintball no longer switch team after you died. /colorlist added Revamped restocking system Added /fillstock (shorten ver of /fillhqstock) Using /frisk on somebody that is not cuffed, tazed or tied must be accepted by them (/accept frisk) Using /frisk on yourself no longer requires your own approval Players below level 5: free /car park, free /clothes, no death-fee (above level 5 = $5K) (war excluded) Using /frisk on a player that has their hands up no longer requires their approval House owners can no longer rob their own houses (pointless PD provocation) The following commands will now emit an automatic /me action: /open, /close for houses and businesses The following commands will now take money from your bank if you don’t have enough on hand: /car payticket, /join, /sub /car paytoll will no longer check for valid driverlic if player is new, on a trucker mission or taxi driver Joining a casino table will force your name on Purchasing a car bomb in war will remove your just spawned tag Using /fcar park|register|respray|nitro|hydraulics will on faction cars now uses faction balance rather than player money. /mdc can now be used inside the PD reception desk Seperated the cost for /floadguns and /floadbullets NOOSE is no longer hidden from killist and arrests displays House Alarm added (No Alarm, Alarm [100 meters], Alarm [200meters], SMS + Alarm [200meters] & SMS + POLICE NOTIFY + Alarm [200 meters]. Maverick bullet crates run: Selling bullet crates now earns 10 f-points You may now just use the "N" key as an alias for the commands /floadguns, /floadbullets and /fillhqstock if at the appropriate place Players below level 5: free /car park, free /clothes, no death fee Factions will now earn 30 f-points when taking over a turf (previouly was random between 15-25 fpoints) Tier 1 faction members can now manage faction-owned cars: respray, register, paintjob, park, savemod, unmod, gps Added Impound System and Unimpound (not finished, still in development state). You will no longer swapped team if you died in paintball. Floadguns & Floadbullets loading radius increase from 5 to 7. Added COP/SASF/NOOSE gate at SAPD Training Centre Restricted skins error fixed revamped /ftakegun You are now spawn at Unity Station instead of at LSA. /fbk is now no longer free to use (need to purchase in hardware store). fix interiors and maps Using /heal will now place a checkpoint to the closest open house where you can heal. revamped vehicle system Working IRC system. Player can now move freely in turf while taking over (turf failed once one or more players outside the turf). New war system with prize and kill difference. More type of businesses (tax biz, jobs etc) You will no longer be able to use /acc without being in clothing store. Tolls fixed. /driverlic interior is fixed. Faction HQ label added & maverick runs routes updated. You are now can't talk or use commands when dead. Added /enter & /exit command at KACC You are no longer able to take Sniper from vehicle if you are tier 2+ or civilian. Robbing a business in a turf will notify the turf owner about the robbery as well as the PD. Added /locate to see closest businesses. Added new weapon license system like IM Player can no longer purchase items when they don't have enough money in hand. New business type (Hydraulics Garage, Vehicle Tax, Metal&Lead Tax, Gas Tax, Toll Tax, Advert Tower, House Upgrading Tax, Rental Tax, Restocking Tax, GPU Usage Tax, Trucker Tax, DroppingCar Tax, Gas Station). more bugs fixed. (i might missed some changelogs) RESTOCK SYSTEM: HOUSECLAIMS: WEAPON LICENSE (NEW): BUSINESS SYSTEM: ACC. SYSTEM: HOUSE SYSTEM: RACE EVENT SYSTEM: BIZ TYPES: WAREHOUSE ROBBERY: MISC. IMAGES (UPDATED 2021): Please note: - If you want to test the gamemode, I won't be able to provide that since I don't have host and also way too lazy to host it. - If you want to use middlemen, you must pay the fees. - I won't be selling or include the User Control Panel (UCP). - I won't help you setup your server and no support given either. - If script doesn't work on your vps, contact your vps support - You will received full server files. - For discord, you have to create your own server and channels. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ NOTE: By purchasing this script either latest or old, you agree that I won't help you setup the server either in Linux or Windows. Gamemode is fully tested and working. If you found errors while working on your server/script, it's all on your. I won't be giving away our discord either. You have to create your own server and channels. If you are too stubborn to agree to the terms and wanted me to help you setup the server. Don't buy. or just pay $5 more. If you wanted me to setup the discord as well, pay me $15 else do your own. This is fixed price. If you can't afford that, just don't. 2021 version | Price: $35 | Buy Now: PayPal Direct Link (stable) 2022 version | Price: $45 | Buy Now: PayPal Direct Link (This product is not finished or stable, purchase at your own risk) ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
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