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Found 16 results

  1. Weapons - Deagle/shotgun/rifle/colt - $2 each - Mp5/UZI/Tec9 - $3 each - M4/AK- $4 each -Armor - $1.5 each 10% discount on 10 guns deal. 30% discount on 20 guns deal. (Applies to original price of all the guns summed up) Cash 1 million - $6 10 million - $50 -out of stock- Custom Objects stealer This tool allows you to steal custom objects, considering mappings. I've personally stole a-lot of maps from LS-RP and different server, how-ever. There isn't a pricetag on it yet. It'll be a one time sale, Private bids are also considered. Object Stealing Service! Don't feel like buying the entire script? Not a problem, We'll steal objects for you. 10$ per thousand(1,000) objects, able to do an entire area aswell. However I won't be doing entire maps (in one file) as my stealer's texturing might mess up doing the whole map at once. So for example if you need Mall mapping from LSRP I will have you it delivered safely, if you need ANY LSRP house interiors, those are available too. Custom models are also copied so you know how useful it is.
  2. Sold a high-level account with: 3 characters (20 lvl,20 lvl,10 lvl). Guard Card on one of the characters. PF License on one of the characters. House on two of the characters. Vehicles (4-5) on each character. Enough pocket money on each character. Namechange on one of the characters. Guns stored in the vehicles randomly. Clean admin record, only one or two ajails on one of the chars (long time ago), no bans. NOTE: Only serious buyers, I won't accept low offers. Middleman usage is okay, but you will have to cover the fees. For any questions contact me through PM.
  3. LS:RP SHOP Money: 5mil - 10$ 10mil - 20$ 20mil - 35$ Weapons: Deagle - 1.5$ Uzi/Tec9 - 2.5$ M4/Ak47 - 4$ Shotgun - 2$ Accounts: PM me for info. Drugs: PM me for info. Hi i've been playing LS:RP for some years now i racked up alot of guns/money and met some people who have taught me some cool shit and how to exploit the server and now i'm trying to make some real cash. All my guns come packaged and my methods of transferring money/guns are guaranteed to keep you safe from bans. My Pms are open to questions. If you're buying from me we can use a middleman but you are paying the fees Minimum orders are 15$ Buy 30$ or more worth of stuff and i will add a few bonus weapons or money Currently have an account with 300k + money on GTA WORLD Selling it for 30$. Accepting only PayPal/Skrill.
  4. LS:RP application - 2$ LS:RP Fresh UCP Account lvl1 Character - 5$ LS:RP 20mil - 30$ LS:RP deagles (Minimum 10) - 1.50$ each. LS:RP Shotguns - 1.50$ each LS:RP MP5's (Minimum 5) - 2.50$ each LS:RP M4's (Minimum 5) - 3$ each LS:RP AK47's (Minimum 5) - 3$ each LS:RP UZI's (Minimum 5) - 3$ each LS:RP Ban evading guide - 4$ LS:RP PF License application - 5$ GTA WORLD Fresh Account - 10$. GTA WORLD Application - 8$ GTA WORLD 1mil - 30$. PAYPAL/SKRILL PAYMENTS ONLY (SKRILL IS PREFERED) More coming soon. Dm me for info.
  5. Currently on sale: LSRP Money - 34 million in total (2$ per million) PF Abuse guide - step by step (2$) Note: For any purchase above 15$ you get a free gun (M4/Shotgun/Rifle/Deagle). Feel free to send me a message if you have any questions.
  6. Title says it all. Selling custom made shop art for samp virtual item sellers. An example is below it can have a similar style or any style you want (i can really do anything) you're just going to have to explain how you want the art made and what kind of style you like.
  7. Information: Currency is in USD, every buyer must be using USD. If you are purchasing Weapons, it will come with bonus if you buy in bulks. If you are wondering when I will add other weapons, it will be very soon I'm trying to get everything in place and get these weapons coming in. Accepting PayPal, Bitcoin
  8. Hello there! I am selling LSRP assets such as ounces of cocaine, heroine, money, drugs and guns! I'm also selling PF abuse guide, LSRP applications, Ban Evade guide! You don't have to be worried, the deal will be RP ed in game by us, leaving no tracks. THE CURENCY IS EURO NOT $ Pricelist: 1 deagle - 99 ammo - 1.50 euro paypal ---- At 20 deagles will drop 2 euro (28 €) 2 colts 45 -- 90 ammo -- 2 euro paypal --- At 40 colts will drop 3 euro (37 euro) 1 shotgun 100 ammo - 2 euro paypal ---- At 25 shotguns will drop 3 euro (47 euro) 1 rifle 100 ammo - 2.5 euro paypal --- At 10 rifles will drop 2 euro ( 23 euro) 1M cash - 7 euro 1 ounce of drugs- 1.5 euro I can also sell: LSRP applications- 2€/per PF Application- 4€/per CCW Application- 7€/per PF ABUSE GUIDE - 3€ Ban evade guide - 5€ I CAN PROVIDE PROOFS, SCAMMERS, KIDS AND TROLLERS PLEASE STAY AWAY! I ACCEPT VERIFIED MIDDLEMAN, AT BUYER's. ALL MY GUNS COMES UNPACKAGED, IF YOU DONT HAVE ENOUGH SPACE TO STORE I WILL PROVIDE YOU AS MUCH FAGGIOS AS NEEDED for 2 € extra (!) The minimum order is 3 euro+ (!) At 10 euro+ orders you will recive small gifts such as 1 bonus gun, ounce, small money ammount. (!) 50+ euro orders will automatically recive 5 free guns or 1m at buyer's choose. (!) IG prices for guns: -Colt 45 100 ammo- 100k -Deagle 100 ammo - 110k - Shotgun 100 ammo- 120k - Rifle 80 ammo - 130k At 20+ guns the price will drop 10k for each gun. For more informations, negotiations and others you can simply PM me.
  9. Hey there, I've been ban evading since 2015 and not even a single time I've been banned, all creds to the key I have. I'll provide you with everything, all you'll need to do is to create a ucp and your character. Guaranteed you wouldn't get caught.I'll provide you with additional scripts and tips to avoid getting banned. $30 for it!
  10. Selling LS-RP account for 35$ quitting LSRP. Level 14 No fac Few drugs, below 50k money has sanchez fully maxed, Active Gold member until June 27th Level 3 Fac Sherrifs Department few cash Level 1 No fac few cash I also accept steam account trades or game trades, GTA 5, RUST, DAYZ. PM ME if interested
  11. I've recently opened shop and thought on embarking on trying out this community. I will guarantee you quality service and exchange of goods with a good amount of communication! (Roleplay situations need to be mixed in during our deal.) Pay-Pal and Cashapp is required! (I accept Pounds and Euros also, long as they are equivalent to the USD prices displayed below.) Deagles - $1.50 Shotguns -$2.50 Be sure to contact me beforehand Via PM in order to initiate the deal, Thank you!

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