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Found 16 results

  1. 1. Safe in-game payment method to ensure your safety. 2. Middleman can be used if you pay for it. 3. Vouch for me after buying and get 10% discount on your next purchase.
  2. NOTE: I'm Ferguson and I'm an experienced LS-RP weapon and money seller. When buying stuff from me, I fully guarantee safety and transport of the assets. I'm willing to do middleman or show proof of my assets to the interested buyers. Minimum amount per order is 3 weapons or 3 millions.
  3. Middleman allowed and fees are paid by you.
  4. Selling LSRP money. 1m = 5$ +10m = 4$ +20m = 3$ PM me if you are interested.
  5. [Method Sold for $94] THREAD ARCHIVED
  6. Spending so much time on Los Santos Roleplay has lead to finding a lot of exploits which were never discovered before. Therefore I'm selling a private Money Duplication method which can basically generate up to 1 billion within a few hours. Keep in mind that this won't be cheap and won't be released to the public/shared with anyone else after it's bought. This method is simple, yet too hard to figure out if you haven't got the knowledge on how things work. You'll receive a file with everything explained + A private script which has been modified and specialized for LS-RP. All bids are private, highest bid wins. Don't come at me with 50 bucks. If the offers don't suit, the method won't get put up for sale again. I am the founder of this method and therefore the only one who has it in his possession. I've sold a lot of methods but every method has been different from the other. Do not ask me for "proof" or anything else related to me showing something to you. I don't have to. And in order to keep the method alive and undiscovered I won't answer these questions.
  7. I have over 50 MILLIONS to sell. Looking for serious buyers only. We can do it trough middleman or without, your choice. But you pay for the middleman fee. Willing to give any proof needed to show that this is legit. 1mill-5$ MINIMUM PURCHASE IS 5 MILL.
  8. I'm looking to sell currently 9 millions by the price of $8 per million, if you buy more or all of them there is going to be a discount. If there is a high interest and I run out of money I'll try to restock in a week with a couple more mills.
  9. If you want to buy something, PM me and I'll sell you it as soon as I've read your message. I'm not an amateur and can guarantee you 100% safety, as the deal will be roleplayed in-game. Drugs: $3 for every 10 ounces. $12 for 50 ounces Money: $12 for every Milion Weapons: $4 each for Autos Weapons: $2 each for Pistols/Shotguns/Rifles. Full character application: $5 UCP Account with 5 characters (levels 2-16): $50 UCP Account with 1 character (level 7) and PF License (Weapon License): $35 Glitches: Weapon Dupe $30 (Undetected as long as you're not being spectated by an admin in-game) Drug Dupe $40 (Undetected as long as you're not being spectated by an admin in-game) Money Dupe $60 (Undetected as long as you're not being spectated by an admin in-game)
  10. Selling cash on LS-RP. Looking to sell in in significant bulk amounts (50+). £5 per million.
  11. Hi, I'm looking to buy some LS-RP accounts and/or IG money. PM what you have and give me a good price! Sincerely, Lord.
  12. Hello. Selling LS-RP money, 5$ per milion. I do deals for only 3m up. Not worth risking getting banned for 5$ I have over 70m for sale, the max amount a person can buy is 10m. Strict rules.
  13. I'm not going to go broke buying money for a virtual game. Don't hit me with any 10 dollars per 100k shit. Looking to buy multi millions. Hit me up with the offers you have
  14. Please be someone and make me happy I have on steam 5 euro skin. Factory new cyrex I want buy 2,5mil for cyrex! https://steamcommunity.com/id/t4b1k4ss/

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