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[SELLING] - New Classified Role Play [-prrp]


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Hello, i have script which is prrp nice edit, there is some new scripts!


-------------------------- [MAPS IN COMPILED TO GAME]

- Pizza Stack Area [ ext ]

-Ganton Area Mapping

-New Taxi Park [ with /locations - taxi park ]

-New DMV Interior 

- 4 Complex Map

- Block Jefferson / Block Idlewood Map

-Chinatown's area with new complex 

-LSPD Interior with new objects

-New Prison Interior/Exterior

-Police Dep. Trainer Centre Mapping

and more...

-------------------------- [MAPS IN PAWNO]

- Pizza Stack interior

-Airport Area Mapping ( ext ) 

-National Park Mapping


- The gameplay file is divided into several components, making it easier to use ||| - The game script is sorted as much as possible, and there are no bugs ||| Added beautiful textdraw for server, which you will see in the lower left corner. 
- If you are planning to open a server after buying this script then you will definitely need to open a forum, I will definitely help you in setting up the forum, and you will find an additional file in the script: Even base, but keep in mind that mo Database passwords are encrypted and you won't get any benefits.
- Systematically the script is very neat, you will see new added admin commands, animations - The script of the game had some problems, but eventually all problems were eliminated.
- The script has been converted to SAMP 0.3.DL version, and in the file you will find a file of models specific to this version where artconfig.txd also contains about 150 models installed on the server.

- The developer was given the option of: / addnos command, that is, giving nitro to the machine. - AFK switched to red color. - WAREHOUSE, located at 69 stores, has been added to Warehouse Locations, also known as the Pawn Shop. - For any administrator: / givemoney command removed, it can only be used by the developer when the money is restored.


- Added special coordinates on the radar for police officers, which indicate the location of police members with the help of colors.
- Too much has been added, and I can't write everything here, please contact me on Facebook.

and more... for more information, u can add me on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vache2004

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