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[Selling] Roleplay script with too many features - 0.3DL


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First of all I just want to say hello to them community members and after that I want to introduce you all my server which was GEORGIAN heavy text based roleplay server with the daily online of 50-70.. Gamemode has both UCP and IN Game Registration (You can choose any of them as the way of registration) 



9cd30b3f9c6b9fbe27db013fea682c5e.pngcfd3770dda062b07c6b41e9ba9dd10b7.png      338185c5bdf4055ef92665030be1563a.png

  • Bunch of features of calling system it shows the name of your contact and profile photo.
  • Market system which allows you to download applications which is shown in second photo.
  • UI Driver (For taxi drivers from that app they can gain the information about orders, statistic etc) and UI Taxi (For players to order the taxi)
  • Tunes app - for listening the music!
  • Mobile Bank - for checking the amount of your bank cards (Yes there is bank card script) transfering the money, deposit money on phone balance to make calls etc.
  • This phone has literally amazing functions if you will decide to buy it you can test that on localhost!

Inventory System (Had shit tons of bugs but we managed to fix them all (From duplication to not using them items at all))


  • This system has two sides (Unique & Dialog) Players can choose the style of their inventory either Dialog or Unique (TXTDRW)
  • 24 Slots to store items (Unique & Dialog).
  • With the help of Settings btn you can change the colors of unique (txtdrw) inventory.
  • And all that stuff you can test in-game!

MDC System (Had bugs aswell but it's fixeddd)



  • MDC Accounting System - Which allows player to registrate his own account which should be approved by High Ranking Staff or Administration!
  • Firtst button is Main (It's disappeared just because It's selected btn) 
  • Main Screen - is the second screenshot!
  • I can't take the screens of all of this systems but whenever you will decide to buy this script you will be granted to test it all!
  • MDC System is pretty cool and usable!
  • SD Members has different MDC color (Green)

ID Card System!


  • You can choose your ID Card after the registration
  • Three options: Legal Civilian, Legal Immigrant, Illegal Immigrant!
  • You can adjust your HAIR, EYES, HEIGHT, WEIGHT by /editcard!
  • Very useful for roleplay!

Mappings Everywhere!

  • There is lot of mappings so I just can't screen all of them!
  • There is even mappings outside of L.S (The main town)

Other stuff!

  • Unique House and Vehicle Burglary System (Fully fixed and working)
  • Unique drugs and weapons (Fully fixed and working)
  • Unique faction commands (New additions and other stuff)
  • Unique Mappings
  • Unique Phone script!
  • Unique ownable Properties (Vehicle, House, Business) script!
  • Unique server animations!
  • Unique server commands!
  • Unique 0.3DL Models (Skins, Objects, Drugs, Buildings, Textures, AD Banners.. ETC)
  • Unique Death System (Looks like LS-RP but it hits different) 
  • Unique ID Card script!
  • Unique Banking (( Cards and other stuff))
  • Unique used car dealership (( Coutt and Schutz )) - Where you can put the car on sale and you will get some percents from it (( You have to test it out))
  • Discord-Connector!
  • ETC (( There is so many good shit around here and I can't list all of them so you can test it out by yourself))




- changed Admin system from 3 to 8 Levels and all the commands are optimized!
- changed /Sethp and /setarmor limits to 150!
- fixed Bug with /alogin - you were getting 7 Level Admin by usind this command!
- added Blindfold!
- added Character and Account registration from IG!
- changed ID Card Information Text after registartion!
- added OnPlayerRequestDownload from domain!
- fixed ATM Objects (Players weren't able too see them)
- fixed Inventory OnPlayerUseItem ( Wasn't working)
- fixed /Ask alerts!
- added Command /factions and optimized!
- added 0.3DL Additions (Skins, Objects etc)
- fixed Anticheat!
- fixed Mobile Bank application you can use it from this day!
- changed /pay from 4 Hours played to 8 *Edit - Returned to 4!
- added /c name (Vehicle Name - EXAMPLE - 2019 Audi Q7)
- added Rental Companies all around the L.S!
- changed /low and /ooc texts!
- changed Pd taser being shot text!
- changed Pd locker!
- changed some systems of Vehicle!
- fixed /heal - players weren't able to use medkit!
- fixed /time - server time wasn't showing up!
- changed Gov faction paychecks to 300$ and unemployed people will get 80 instead of 50!
- fixed Camera thing!
- fixed Vehicle duplication bug!
- changed /duty - it won't never give you the working uniform (Players suggestion)
- fixed little bit of bugs!
- fixed 911 call bug!
- added Command /sendspawn!
- added Command /sprayrights - to give the permission to tag! (Admins suggestion)
- fixed /settings bug!
- changed /patrol and /carsign format!
- fixed Inventory duplication bug!
- fixed /rent bug!
- added /kick command for supports !
- added /certify - command for police High Rankers.
- fixed /setlic
- added /scoff to tog the support chat!
- added /aengine - admins can run any of them cars!
- fixed payphone bugs!
- added /tracephone for police faction - players number can be traced and they can get last location!
- added /fixstate - to fix your desynced objects, players etc!
- added /suspend - for POLICE just to take the licenses from player and other!
- fixed /disarm bug shit!
- added /prisoned - to check in game prisoners (For admins and Police (SADOC, SASSD, PD)
- fixed /drop while dead!
- changed after accept death inventory will be cleared!
- added /showpms for admins!
- added /setdamages you can control damages from ingame!
- changed admin-duty /b format - Name_Name(adminname) - text!
- added Nova Bot - logs everything on admins discord channels!
- added /swatticker - Bot can tag swat members and inform them about SWAT Situation - LSPD Discord!
- changed Drugs system - Maximum of drug hp is 200! Indica - 15, Sativa - 15, Coke - 50, MDMA/LCD/PSP - 35, CRACK - 30, Meth - 30
- fixed /tracephone bug!
- added /drugswabtest for police (To check players on drugs)!
- added commands for news agencies - /live, /liverights, /newsbalance, /newswithdraw, for players /speak and /leavelive!
- changed and optimized AFK system
and lot of shits that i can't write herE! 

(( IDK Price we can talk about it in my PM's also I'm interested in exchanging for GTA:WORLD Accounts with valuable items (Money / Guns))


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