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[SELLING] a gamemode similar to True Roleplay[SAMP]


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Selling a script copycat to True Roleplay 


Weapons System(similar to TRP)

Mask System(same system of TRP)

Animation System(same of TRP)

Vehicle System(with the same system of TRP)

House System(The same system of trp with the /house menu featue)

House Rent System(same of TRP)

Business System(Similar to TRP)

8Types of Business

Faction System(Similar to TRP) (SAPD, EMS)

Dynamic Gate System(same system of TRP works for both houses/factions/businesses)

Admin System(similar to TRP)

Helper System(similar to TRP)

Mapper System(similar to TRP)

Account System(same system of TRP)

Small Drug System

Help Commands

Jobs(similar to TRP)

Textdraws of TRP(Health/Armour the same textdraws of TRP) (I have also three others textdraws) All are modern

Textdraws of Vehicles/Stats/Time/Date/ServerTD (Same of TRP)

Fishing System(same of TRP)

Custom Maps(Modern Most of them are exteriors)

Paycheck system(same of TRP) (every player have his/her own paycheck time, its save the time when you quit from the server)

GPS System (/gps /locations)

Blood Textdraw/System

Walkstyle System

Dynamic Pass System

Dynamic Maps System(/createobject /deleteobject /editobject in game)

Three Custom Textdraws for Vehicles system

Phone System(similar to TRP)

Nametags(same of TRP)

Namechange/passwordchange in Game

Small Anticheat System

License system(similar to True Roleplay)


If you are interested to buy this gamemode PM me (I will help for the setup of the server)

Note: The server have a few bugs(they are easy to fix, but i don't have time to)


Contact me via Discord: MGravella#4952




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