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[Selling] Freeroam/Roleplay Script


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Hi, I am selling a Freeroam/Roleplay Script. No Bugs.


Helper System

Weather System

Dynamic Houses

Dynamic Organizations ( Factions )

Dynamic Gates. ( Can be Assigned to an Org ( Faction)

Dynamic Car Dealerships

Dynamic Player Vehicles

Dynamic Business System

Dynamic Banks

Dynamic Vehicles ( Can be Assigned to an org/ can be restricted to an org )

Dynamic Robberies ( Can Rob a Store as a normal Player. If a Gang/Mafia Faction can rob a Bank)

VIP ( Donor) System





Price: N/A ( Pm me for the price, Its Cheap af )

Note : Payments will be accepted with Paypal or Payoneer Only.




Helper System.

Weather System.

Dynamic Houses.

Dynamic Organizations.

Dynamic Gates.

Dynamic ATM's.

Dynamic Dealerships.

Dynamic Player vehicles.

Dynamic Businesses.

Dynamic Banks.

Dynamic Vehicles(You can restrict them to organizations)

Dynamic Robberies.

Dynamic Jobs.
















Dynamic Jobs.stem.

Weather System

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