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Well, I don't have enough time to code my server any more so I'm selling it.


It is a multi-purpose SA:MP gamemode. It has stunt maps, deathmatch zones, a race system with race records and race creation commands, a house system with creation commands, a goldpot system with goldpot find records, a pretty full admin system with 3 levels (moderator, administrator, server owner) and lots of other features (maths, reaction tests etc.).


I built this server from the ground up as a sort of learning/practice tool, but I can't afford to keep hosting it, and I'm a bit short on time to keep developing it. So, I decided to sell it, and searched Google for "sell SAMP scripts" and this forum showed up.


There are a few minor bugs which can be fixed fairly easily, but I don't have time. There is also an unfinished minigame called Explosion. This can be finished or removed. The idea behind this minigame is:


Players get placed randomly in an area. A round starts when at least 2 people have joined. Then, players run around and explosions are created at random points in the map. The last player alive wins. You could develop this or remove it completely, or even just pretend it isn't there, as the /explosion command has been disabled for now so it's as if it doesn't exist.


The server uses a MySQL system with whirlpool hashed passwords.


Message me with your offers. :)

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