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Found 20 results

  1. Founded in 2008, West Coast Role Play is back with the original founders, currently running with a backup from 2012. We're very friendly when it comes to players looking to start a faction, as well as lead one so if that's what you're after, look no further! Some server features: Unique dynamic family system. Furniture system. Multi-Character system, this will allow the players to create multiple characters (5 per account) and switch between them. Completely dynamic script which allows us to change settings on the fly without needing you to log off. Wall Tagging some factions can tag on walls. UCP Server Info: SA-MP Server IP: server.wc-rp.us:7777 Forum: https://forum.wc-rp.us Discord: https://discord.gg/MK79y8D Can be also found on the SA-MP hosted tab.
  2. https://discord.gg/TgSkm4r Not much to say just Italy Mafia Roleplay Script!!!! Latest Version. Join! F
  3. Selling a modified game mode, as similar to the original ls-rp, hard rp project Compared to ls-rp, many systems are improved. Screenshots, video and description will provide. There is also a UCP and a site. Write in PM only interested and serious people. Do not waste my and your time for nothing. Some write, and then they themselves are silent. Write, I’ll show and tell everything. A few screenshots with LSPD Personal transport furniture & retexture Put / take with cartridges in the trunk or in the passenger compartment Trucker Job Mobile phone More screenshots & video in PM Discord; Vanquish#9255 I have the same version of an exact copy of LSRP, all systems are as similar as possible
  4. 𝕰𝖝𝖙𝖗𝖊𝖒𝖊 𝕽𝖔𝖑𝖊𝖕𝖑𝖆𝖞 Our Community Extreme Roleplay is based in the City of Los Santos. After several tries and a lot of stress we managed to get everything running and now our only goal is to build a big and succesful community where you guys can have fun roleplaying. We would appreciate if you would join this adventure with us! Note - Hiring Admins, Helpers, Developers, Etc https://discord.gg/WqsWPsJ
  5. Hey, fellas! I am donut from Miraculous Roleplay, I am here to explore a new fresh made community with most useful and dynamic features, the gamemode is dynamic and it means stuff can be edited ingame! We've got our features list! Lemme note them down. > Dynamic Land system. > Dynamic Refund System. > Dynamic Robbery System. > Dynamic Faction System. > Dynamic Business/House system. > Many countless features! Just join and find them out yourself! If you wish to join our staff team, we've got you covered, you can just apply on our forums. We're hiring staff members! Server details:- Server Address: Website: Under Development Forums: miraculousroleplay.ga/forums Discord invite: https://discord.gg/S9jTPAM
  6. Hostname: [EN] California Roleplay [Ultra-H.com]Address: HRP v1.1(a) Language:English Server Refunding SS you Account In HZRP
  7. (HD AD ==> HD ADVERTISMENT - WSRP) Server Informations __________________________________________ Forums: Under-Maintenance Server IP: Discord:https://discord.gg/aZTKEsQ
  8. Hello Guys!! Let me introduce you Newton Gaming Roleplay. We have some nice features, refund, and much more. Of course this is a new server, Im sorry if there is a bug or something like that, but I hope you guys also can help us to be better. We have so many features, So I hope you guys like the server. We are using player registration, please give us your player name on the discord server account-creation section https://discord.gg/J4MzXQp Forums: (UNDER MAINTENANCE!!) Discord: https://discord.gg/bMAqPgU (Fast Respon for Player Registration) Hostname: Newton Gaming Roleplay Address: Version: 0.3.7-R2
  9. I am selling LS-RP replica, Red County Roleplay Original, PR-RP original, FoCo TDM replica, all including: - MySQL, - New updates, - All features like the original scripts, The prices are pretty cheap, PM me here or hmu on discord: -removed-
  10. American Generation Roleplay Presents: Official Discord link: American Generation Roleplay Server IP: The continuous expansion of the so-known American generation has come a long way through from the over rise of district to the growth of population in the previous decade alongside a negative impact to the state. Crime has generally engulfed and spread to the province of Red County destructing the backbone of the political and fundamental sources of the state drastically leaving the government in deep confusion. Import your experience and spend the chance today! The future of this infamous generation is independent considering the choice of yours, whether embodying an illegal character and take the lead against the city, or showing loyalty. The development of our community is and remains limitless seeking forward on a daily basis. With over half a dozen administrators in due to their volunteering for the betterment of the community and support towards the environment alongside a successful server exceeding the amount of 20 to 30 (now 0-10) players a-day. We are by no means showing the establishment of ours in-accurately but is what we think of. - Factions (1) Los Santos Police Department, L.S.P.D. abbreviated The importance, intention, and mission of the L.S.P.D. is likewise, enforcing law and overlooking crime. Many are looking forward to being apart of this law enforcing faction and are willing to bring in the most of their efforts if not fully. So, what about you? (2) Department of Medical and Human Services The most important of all, concentrating on the overall health of the state. Providing special operations and treatment for the people in-demand. (3) The Government, G.O.V abbreviated The backbone of the state, establishing the law and observing what it's followers are craving for. - Gang System, A basic gang system opposing the leaders to control their own gang script-wisely and providing them within a few commands. Last but not least, we are excitedly looking forward your presence! Sincerely, American Generation Roleplay administration team.
  11. West Side Roleplay (0.3.DL) ( --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- West Side Roleplay is a Medium Roleplay server, based on Los Santos. Above all, I would like to tell you that you all welcomed to West Side Roleplay that is back again with some new features. Since 2015, we have been running an active community for around two years, but went down hills because of players fed up with the ancient script, and inactive staff. However, we, the community directors decided to open it up again, with a complete faction/families/groups wipe out, which means we will be hiring few faction/family/group leaders, and undoubtedly some competent admins whom able to manage factions, families and groups, handle reports, complaints, ban appeals and such... We also give few refunds for new players (Offer valid only for one week) : Level 2 50,000$ Pocket cash 75,000 Bank cash 5000 materials 10grams Cocaine 10grams weed 5 tikis Tikis system; (you can exchange tikis given by admin as a gift to a lot of stuff in the tiki store) W-hat is unique about West Side Roleplay?Drive-by system: Perform a drive-by on your rival gang, take them out easily. You can drive-by with various weapons, not just SMGs! Dynamic weather system: Our weather is synced with Real Life's Los Angeles, it means if it's raining in real life, it rains in-game, if it's sunny in real life, it will be sunny in-game too!Uniquely made custom mappings: More than 10 custom designed exteriors and interiors with custom textures as well as two big islands which will give you a better and modern feeling while playing. I would like to stay quiet and don't show them, I hope you get in and see them by your self. As a surprise. Customization: Customize your character with many toys and objects available for you to use. Daily-Weekly Updates: We update our script and services at least once a day-week., adding brand new features and implementing improvements to keep bringing better roleplay experiences. Fully featured: Our script brings so many awesome features including dynamic fishing system, elevator system, various jobs to choose from, realistic economy, textdraw based cell phone system and basically everything else expected from a decent roleplay server! Custom house mapping, Custom outdoor mapping. Cheap Marketplace: Every item on our marketplace comes with an affordable price, get yourself something unique to feel the dream right away! Oh wait, you thought that's all? Sit tight... We also have advanced event system, portable stereo system, fully functioning administration and anti-cheat system, head-shot system, dynamic dealership system, CDL trucking system, faction managing system, business system, dynamic paycheck system, rental vehicles system, quick keys system and much more! Basically everything you expect from a fully-featured Roleplay serverSo what are you waiting for? Join us! Server IP : Forum : www.ws-rp.boards.net Discord : SOON Notice: There's a lot of things not added to the Topic, We just like to keep it secret, West Side Roleplay Up For Ever.
  12. Paradise Gaming Roleplay was started in March but at that beta was announced server released in April but it only ran 3 weeks then closed due to massive DDOS attacks but the server still managed to survive now everything is going perfect. What is server roleplay level? The server is a Dynamic Roleplay server. What is the player base? We have around 150 people on discord. In the game, the server was reaching 30 players in April but now we are down to 10-15 online sometimes this because of DDoS issues we had. Who is the server owner? Ray Wolf, I'm the server owner. What script are we using? We are using Highly edited limitless script edited by me. We are still looking for helpers and faction leaders. Los Santos Police Department (Taken) Federal Bureau Investigation (Taken) Special Service Group (Closed) Los Santos Fire & Medical Department San Andreas Government (Looking for leadership) San News (Looking for a leader) Special Services Group (SSG) is closed until the server reaches 30+ players. Gang Applications also opened. There are currently 5 slots and 3 slots are already taken. I think that's enough Information for the public. IP address: Forums: Paradisegaming.rf.gd Discord: https://discord.gg/UAeZpqe
  13. https://www.insanityrp.net/discord
  14. Server IP: server.wc-rp.us:7777 Forum: http://forum.wc-rp.us Server Updates: Added CJ run back in. Removed old prison. Disabled foggy weather. Added a flood checker to check for fake vehicle deaths, among other things. Added "/storecar". Regular vehicles can now have police sirens. Job expire time lowered to 30 minutes. Added "/sellfood", you can now sell food if you own a Mr. Whoopee. "/frisk" is now available to the general public. Re-added the old and beloved "fugi-fugi" prison from 2.9. Mapping, gates and removebuilding's are now saved in the database. Readded the old prisoner skin from 2.9. Removed $5,000 requirement to park family vehicles. Added "/contacts". Some security updates on the AC. Players under level two (2) are not allowed to get any weapons (to prevent DMers). Added backpacks, you can buy them at any 24/7 ("/backpack", "/pickbackpack", "/dropbackpack"). Added an option to spawn at your home using ("/togspawn"). Reduced house taxes. Decreased hunger levels, it should now take you longer to get hungry. Added good ol' WC-RP bleeding. Also added "/bandage" to stop the bleeding (buyable at any 24/7). Fixed a bug with "/smoke", causing 'Invalid Command' to happen. "Mole (555)" is back! Re-added "/dropcar", but it may only be used with vehicles you own. Weapons have infinite ammo once again. Adjusted weapon job skills and prices back to WC-RP v1.2., max materials per run increased to 8. Re-added "/cnn" and "/cnnn"." Adjusted camera positioning when in hospital. Re-added "Monster Truck" to the VIP car menu. The Army faction is back. Removed gun factory, weather zones and the basketball gamemode.
  15. Welcome To Kaos Roleplay We bring to you: - A whitelisted FiveM server - Dedicated roleplay community - Professional and active staff team - Custom content, scripts and cars - Close to real life economy - Whitelisted EMS, Police and Mechanic job - Drugs, gangs and crime - Re-worked legal jobs And much more! We are launching the server on April 20th. Apply to day if this is something you want to be apart of. Discord: https://discord.gg/GwSGTP Website: https://www.kaosrp.co.uk/If anyone has any questions then please join our discord and ask away
  16. Lifeline Roleplay is a new Los Santos based heavy roleplay community, we focus on bringing an enjoyable and professional Heavy Roleplay experience to our members. Our script is being worked on daily, picking up suggestions and ideas from our community - implementing them to create a unique experience for our players. Our community is growing, and we hope to attract even more players to Lifeline Roleplay. Work and Jobs We have some scripted jobs that pay average, our economy focuses on being realistic and hard. You can decide to join a faction to earn a bit more, and maybe climb the ranks of social life. Illegal jobs are hidden and must be found IC’ly - we do this to enhance the realism of crime. Unique Factions We have the basic factions (ex. LSPD, LSFMD, Government, etc.) but we also have a few unique ones made to enhance the roleplay. The Business and Property Agency (BPA) takes care of the distribution of businesses and properties over Los Santos. They help the creative minds in setting up their own business and handle the creation of businesses. This makes owning a business more accessible. The Mirillis Capital Towing Company takes care of mechanical duties, towing cars, repairing cars. They’re a service which you can join to become a car mechanic. Los Santos Constructions takes care of the building and constructing of new buildings and complexes in Los Santos. Business owners, small creatives and citizens can come to them for building services. Illegal Organizations There are a fair few of illegal organizations in-game taking care of illegal weapon trafficking, drug dealing..- if you think your character is fit and made for this kind of roleplay he can find out about them IC’ly. We have a unique and good weapon dealing system in-game, making sure that weapons are hard to obtain and are pretty rare. Unique and Original mappings We have a very good mapper by our side taking care of making unique and original mappings for Lifeline Roleplay, we do this to enhance the ability to roleplay and create a unique feeling to the server. Information Discord: https://discord.gg/ckpgCcn SAMP:
  17. Lsrcr (Los Santos Roleplay Cops and Robbers) is a San Andreas Multiplayer (SA-MP) game server. This is a brief tutorial instructing you how to join the server. 1. Get GTA San Andreas 1.1. Install Grand Theft Auto San Andreas on your computer from a source of your liking. This could be for instance Steam or installation DVD. Note: If you are using Steam version of GTA San Andreas, you need to download a crack and copy it to your GTA installation folder. 2. Download and install SA-MP 2.1. Download the latest version of SA-MP from SA-MP team 2.2. Install SA-MP 2.3. Execute the installer file (sa-mp-0.3z-install.exe) 2.4. If UAC promts for permissions to install the program, click allow 2.5. Read the License Agreement and click "I agree" 2.6. Choose the GTA SA installation directory. If you did not alter the settings while installing GTA SA, the default value is fine. Otherwise you need to locate your gtasa.exe and select the containing folder. Steam users need to aquire a crack (gtasa.exe) in order to install and play SA-MP. 2.7. The installer will install SA-MP. Once it's finished, click "Finish" 3. Add Ls-rcr to your favourites 3.1. Click the "Add server" button 3.2. Enter the IP of our SA-MP server (play.ls-rcr.com) 4. Connect 4.1. Click the green icon to instantly connect 4.2. Or double click the server's name and click "Connect"
  18. LAWLESS ROLEPLAY Where Lunatics Prosper Built by the players, for the players. San Andreas Multiplayer: samp.lawlessrp.com Website: www.lawlessrp.com Teamspeak: ts.lawlessrp.com Discord: lawlessrp.com/discord What does Lawless Roleplay have to offer? www.youtube.com/watch?v=zwfJU-StbqU Lawless Roleplay is a community that took the entire SA-MP Roleplay scene by storm which is now over 5 years old. Lawless is known for it's special features and our Dynamic Roleplay script. Our script allows you to Roleplay across the entire map of San Andreas. Our server is built by the players, for the players. Economy & Employment www.youtube.com/watch?v=OSMm6YPaO5o We don't just offer a new experience. Lawless Roleplay offers a very wide variety of jobs to the players, Specific jobs give you the opportunity to work your way through the rankings to earn better rewards. Our economy is fair, balanced and wealth is distributed fairly, those who work harder earn more money. Law Enforcement & Medical Services www.youtube.com/watch?v=goW2xvU_lPo There are three main departments that encompass the entire Los Santos area, They are the Los Santos Police Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which are designed to protect the citizens of Los Santos and to carry out special tasks. We also have the Los Santos Fire and Medical Department which specializes in saving civilians lives. Not to mention the secrecy of the Hitman Agency, a special group of men who take care of hits for cash. Gangs of Los Santos www.youtube.com/watch?v=l7DnzwkIW9U There are many Criminal Organizations that reside in the Los Santos area, They take on many themes ranging from Japanese gangs all the way to Mexican gangs and an Old School Mafia and many more. How do I play? www.youtube.com/watch?v=pSq_QX5BdKs There are many guides on our forums that can get you started! Server Events We host a variety of weekly events and insane monthly events where you can win amazing prizes, such as houses, businesses, cars and many other awesome prizes! Extra Features Lawless Roleplay has many other features, including: A unique land system for our players, allowing them to show off their creativity A unique gang bandana system that allows gang members to kill other members wearing their bandana, this results in common shootouts between rival gangs A Notoriety system where every crime you commit goes into a record for the Federal Bureau of Investigation to view, If you have really high notoriety you can be arrested System that allows gang members the ability to rob the Los Santos Bank Giant monthly events with amazing prizes and other weekly events for other prizes What is the difference between Lawless and other communities? Lawless Roleplay is well known for its unique script and many special features. Now you may ask what makes it unique? Lawless Roleplay is, and will always be a community first and a game server second. We are dedicated to fostering an environment with a member-centric approach where all players have equal potential for in-game success and community recognition. Additional Footage
  19. Hello everyone, i'm speaking on behalf of Redridge Roleplay Staff team, our San Andreas Multiplayer server is currently online right now, but it is not available for our players which we already have them on our Discord server (Invite link will be written below this paragraph) , So i'm here trying to get more good people like you fellas to our upcoming SA:MP project, and we're currently working on our FiveM Gamemode which is a Grand theft Auto 5 based program, it's gonna be a hard roleplay server called Redridge Roleplay too, i told you guys about our V project just to inform you guys about it and to support us by joining our Discord server and staying tuned for more information.. The SA:MP server will be online within two or three days maximum.. Here is the invite link to our Main discord server We'll be honored to have you guys there.. discord.gg/VgMKeKC
  20. Selling few million of IC-cash on RCRP samp server. Middle-man will be used. 9J (GBP) each million and there is no /minimum of 2m only/ thing.

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