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Found 28 results

  1. (1.)Requires: Weapon mods (optional, highly suggest) ModLoader (2.)How to do it: "Guns on LS-RP are hard to get", yes if you try to get them the normal way. But, with only one weapon mod, you'll easily find guns that are hidden in the cars, or on the ground by any chances. First off, you need a weapon mod for a weapon that is huge. By that I mean very very big weapon mods. I have left a link of the weapon mod I use below. I'd also highly recommend that you install the weapon mods with ModLoader, because you'll easily be able to remove that mod after you're done gathering your "straps". Secondly, When you download the mod, rename the "gun_dildo1.dff" to the gun that you want, ex. "desert_eagle.dff", "m4.dff"... Thirdly, when you install the weapon mod, simply get into LS-RP, and search walk around cars. If there's a weapon in it, you'll easily be able to spot it, because of the huge weapon mod. When you find one, break into the car, hotwire it, and /takegun. (3.)How NOT to get banned: 1. Try not to make it obvious that you have a mod. Don't walk around the cars, and suddenly say "oh I'll jack this one". Pretend that you're trying to jack some other cars before the one where the weapon is. 2. If you see someone driving a car with a weapon inside of it, don't follow them. Or try to follow them, but remain unspotted by the driver. (4.)Download links: -The weapon mod I use: http://www.gtanetwork.it/zone/pafiledb.php?action=file&id=5823 (don't replace the melee.dat file) This is a very simple trick I used. It might take time to find a car with weapons inside of it, but, after a while you'll find one.
  2. Middle man only. Looking for multiple guns and or knives. Only doing it by role play icly. Middle man can be The Plug. You must pay the fee. No scams from me.
  3. West Side Roleplay (0.3.DL) ( --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- West Side Roleplay is a Medium Roleplay server, based on Los Santos. Above all, I would like to tell you that you all welcomed to West Side Roleplay that is back again with some new features. Since 2015, we have been running an active community for around two years, but went down hills because of players fed up with the ancient script, and inactive staff. However, we, the community directors decided to open it up again, with a complete faction/families/groups wipe out, which means we will be hiring few faction/family/group leaders, and undoubtedly some competent admins whom able to manage factions, families and groups, handle reports, complaints, ban appeals and such... We also give few refunds for new players (Offer valid only for one week) : Level 2 50,000$ Pocket cash 75,000 Bank cash 5000 materials 10grams Cocaine 10grams weed 5 tikis Tikis system; (you can exchange tikis given by admin as a gift to a lot of stuff in the tiki store) W-hat is unique about West Side Roleplay?Drive-by system: Perform a drive-by on your rival gang, take them out easily. You can drive-by with various weapons, not just SMGs! Dynamic weather system: Our weather is synced with Real Life's Los Angeles, it means if it's raining in real life, it rains in-game, if it's sunny in real life, it will be sunny in-game too!Uniquely made custom mappings: More than 10 custom designed exteriors and interiors with custom textures as well as two big islands which will give you a better and modern feeling while playing. I would like to stay quiet and don't show them, I hope you get in and see them by your self. As a surprise. Customization: Customize your character with many toys and objects available for you to use. Daily-Weekly Updates: We update our script and services at least once a day-week., adding brand new features and implementing improvements to keep bringing better roleplay experiences. Fully featured: Our script brings so many awesome features including dynamic fishing system, elevator system, various jobs to choose from, realistic economy, textdraw based cell phone system and basically everything else expected from a decent roleplay server! Custom house mapping, Custom outdoor mapping. Cheap Marketplace: Every item on our marketplace comes with an affordable price, get yourself something unique to feel the dream right away! Oh wait, you thought that's all? Sit tight... We also have advanced event system, portable stereo system, fully functioning administration and anti-cheat system, head-shot system, dynamic dealership system, CDL trucking system, faction managing system, business system, dynamic paycheck system, rental vehicles system, quick keys system and much more! Basically everything you expect from a fully-featured Roleplay serverSo what are you waiting for? Join us! Server IP : Forum : www.ws-rp.boards.net Discord : SOON Notice: There's a lot of things not added to the Topic, We just like to keep it secret, West Side Roleplay Up For Ever.
  4. I'm Selling freshly made LS-RP Applications that is guaranteed to get accepted. If something were to be wrong within the application I will personally fix the mistakes and make sure that it get's accepted. Selling each Application for $3.00 USD. I only accept payments from PayPal. Message me on the forums for more info if you're interested in purchasing one.
  5. Hello everyone, as the title implies it all, I look forward to do some business for real money in exchange of creating LSRP application and other answers for cheap rate. I hope this would be a great thing for my Ruskie and Serbian friends who don't know English much. I accept payments through PayPal only and also willing to deal further in the presence of an Avonix staff member or a middle-man, but I won't pay for the Jackie Chan. If you are dead interested to play on LSRP and wanna fuck Natasha Valentine, shoot me a PM here. HELL YAW!
  6. Those who are weak in English and are not able to make an account on LS-RP, this is your opportunity to get into the server. Character Application for $2. Also filling out PF License Application for 2$. DM w/o hesitation right now. ( Payment via PayPal )
  7. I have 300 ounces of drugs in total, to be specific that is all Cocaine, but I can do other drugs as well. Discounts when buying in bulk, the deal will be done professionally and with RP of course, admins won't suspect anything. I have no problem with doing the deal with hu$tle lawyer as the middleman, but I expect the expenses to be covered by the buyer. (Unless in other conditions, e.g. buying drugs in noticeable amounts) I do deals ONLY in Multimart PM's, as the rules themselves say no other form of communication may be used. GUNS 2 Shotguns 1 Deagle and 1 knife left. PM for more information. 1 MILLION ON SALE, A MAVERICK AND A HOUSE IN JEFFERSON. PM ME.
  8. I only do deals on this website (www.multimart.org) DO NOT ask for my skype/discord name.
  9. I'm looking for in-game plugs right now - I need drugs ((Preferably Coke)), Guns mainly Shotguns and Desert Eagles.
  10. Hello, I'm selling an account level 16 with 1m cash. Cars: Cheetah, Admiral, Freeway. Pm me for SS's.
  11. FAQ: Q: What do I get if I buy from you? A: You come on my table of the trusted buyers, you can get discount for the next purchase! Q: Where can I contact you and where can we do the deal? A: I usually do deals over MultiMart PM's since soliciting off-site is not allowed. Q: How can I know are you legit or not? A: Answer is simple, if you take a look on my reputation and if you see comments on this thread, you will understand everything! Q: Are you planning to add more payment methods? A: For now not, but in future yes!
  12. If you want to buy something, PM me and I'll sell you it as soon as I've read your message. I'm not an amateur and can guarantee you 100% safety, as the deal will be roleplayed in-game. Drugs: $3 for every 10 ounces. $12 for 50 ounces Money: $12 for every Milion Weapons: $4 each for Autos Weapons: $2 each for Pistols/Shotguns/Rifles. Full character application: $5 UCP Account with 5 characters (levels 2-16): $50 UCP Account with 1 character (level 7) and PF License (Weapon License): $35 Glitches: Weapon Dupe $30 (Undetected as long as you're not being spectated by an admin in-game) Drug Dupe $40 (Undetected as long as you're not being spectated by an admin in-game) Money Dupe $60 (Undetected as long as you're not being spectated by an admin in-game)
  13. People who are struggling for getting into Los Santos Roleplay server, here is your chance! A fresh account which haven't used at all for sale! I would like 3$ for this account. People who are interested DM me right now! Payments only through PayPal ( Willing to use middleman but you should take responsibility of his fees )
  14. Selling cash on LS-RP. Looking to sell in in significant bulk amounts (50+). £5 per million.
  15. I am selling LS-RP replica, Red County Roleplay Original, PR-RP original, FoCo TDM replica, all including: - MySQL, - New updates, - All features like the original scripts, The prices are pretty cheap, PM me here or hmu on discord: -removed-
  16. This gamemode is original of lsrp.io (2016) With Systems: 1) Damage system 2) OnDeath system 3) New casino systems (Poker and more...) 4) Original Textdraws 5) New admin 7lvl system (by me) And some more big systems...
  17. Hi, I'm looking to buy some LS-RP accounts and/or IG money. PM what you have and give me a good price! Sincerely, Lord.
  18. Hello. Selling LS-RP money, 5$ per milion. I do deals for only 3m up. Not worth risking getting banned for 5$ I have over 70m for sale, the max amount a person can buy is 10m. Strict rules.
  19. As I said in the title, I got an LS-RP account to sell, for more info and a screenshot contact me in PM. Acc is level 17, has 6.9m
  20. I got 6 ounces of cocaine and 4 ounces of marijuana, offer me a price per ounce and if you're interested hmu in DM's.
  21. truPimp


  22. I got millions to sell. No scam, real deal. Done with LSRP so I want it gone. 1mill going for 6$. Lowest amount for sale is 3mill. -using Hustle as middleman.
  23. Please be someone and make me happy I have on steam 5 euro skin. Factory new cyrex I want buy 2,5mil for cyrex! https://steamcommunity.com/id/t4b1k4ss/

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