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Found 48 results

  1. I recently got my hands on an account with a level 20 character, it includes 150mil IG cash 3 cars filled with all sorts of packaged guns, it is also ex gold donator has all the donator vehicles (all max upgrades) has a fairly clean admin record last punishment was a kick 2+ months ago. It also includes another character level 5 with 100k savings and a faggio and two packaged deagles If you have any questions feel free to pm me. Price - Accepting offers.
  2. 1. Safe in-game payment method to ensure your safety. 2. Middleman can be used if you pay for it. 3. Vouch for me after buying and get 10% discount on your next purchase.
  3. LS:RP application - 2$ LS:RP Fresh UCP Account lvl1 Character - 5$ LS:RP 20 deagles (Selling minimum 10 bulk) - 1.50$ each. LS:RP 5 MP5's (Selling only all at once) 2.50$ each LS:RP Ban evading guide - 4$ LS:RP PF License application - 5$ GTA WORLD Fresh Account - 10$. GTA WORLD Application - 8$ GTA WORLD 1mil - 30$. LS:RP LVL 20 ACCOUNT 150MIL A BUNCH OF GUNS EX GOLD MEMBER ALL DONATOR VEHICLES LAST ADMIN PUNISHMENT 2+ months ago. - PRICE [ACCEPTING OFFERS] More coming soon. Dm me for info.
  4. Middleman allowed and fees are paid by you.
  5. Selling LSRP money. 1m = 5$ +10m = 4$ +20m = 3$ PM me if you are interested.
  6. I'm silly rich on LS-RP and need a plug. I can pay 500k each for any guns, 10 guns for 5M etc.
  7. (HD AD ==> HD ADVERTISMENT - WSRP) Server Informations __________________________________________ Forums: Under-Maintenance Server IP: Discord:https://discord.gg/aZTKEsQ
  8. Title says it all. Selling custom made shop art for samp virtual item sellers. An example is below it can have a similar style or any style you want (i can really do anything) you're just going to have to explain how you want the art made and what kind of style you like.
  9. Ghoul


  10. Hello! I am selling guns in LSRP that are cheap, soon I will make a nice discount when I hit the milestone. So here is the price: - Desert eagle, 100 ammo, 1 USD (Buy 20 gets 3 free) - 2 Colts, 100 ammo, 1 USD (Buy 20 gets 4 free) - Shotgun, 100 ammo, 1 USD (Buy 20 gets 3 free) - Rifle, 100 ammo, 1.5 USD (Buy 20 gets 2 free) Money: - $1.000.000, $7 - $10.000.000, $5 each million Bonuses: 1. If you be my loyal buyer (10 deals record), I'll give you free guns personally per deal! 2. Coming soon! Heavy weapons like MP5, AK47, M4, Sniper are coming soon! PM me if you want to discuss about the deal! Transactions are safe and admins won't bait an eye to it. If you do not trust me, you can bring a middleman when we are dealing and you must pay for the middleman's fee. All guns comes UNPACKAGED! (Dealing rule: MINIMAL 3 guns per deal for security reason) & All payments must be done in Paypal!
  11. Hello there! I am selling LSRP assets such as ounces of cocaine, heroine, money, drugs and guns! I'm also selling PF abuse guide, LSRP applications, Ban Evade guide! You don't have to be worried, the deal will be RP ed in game by us, leaving no tracks. THE CURENCY IS EURO NOT $ Pricelist: 1 deagle - 99 ammo - 1.50 euro paypal ---- At 20 deagles will drop 2 euro (28 €) 2 colts 45 -- 90 ammo -- 2 euro paypal --- At 40 colts will drop 3 euro (37 euro) 1 shotgun 100 ammo - 2 euro paypal ---- At 25 shotguns will drop 3 euro (47 euro) 1 rifle 100 ammo - 2.5 euro paypal --- At 10 rifles will drop 2 euro ( 23 euro) 1M cash - 7 euro 1 ounce of drugs- 1.5 euro I can also sell: LSRP applications- 2€/per PF Application- 4€/per CCW Application- 7€/per PF ABUSE GUIDE - 3€ Ban evade guide - 5€ I CAN PROVIDE PROOFS, SCAMMERS, KIDS AND TROLLERS PLEASE STAY AWAY! I ACCEPT VERIFIED MIDDLEMAN, AT BUYER's. ALL MY GUNS COMES UNPACKAGED, IF YOU DONT HAVE ENOUGH SPACE TO STORE I WILL PROVIDE YOU AS MUCH FAGGIOS AS NEEDED for 2 € extra (!) The minimum order is 3 euro+ (!) At 10 euro+ orders you will recive small gifts such as 1 bonus gun, ounce, small money ammount. (!) 50+ euro orders will automatically recive 5 free guns or 1m at buyer's choose. (!) IG prices for guns: -Colt 45 100 ammo- 100k -Deagle 100 ammo - 110k - Shotgun 100 ammo- 120k - Rifle 80 ammo - 130k At 20+ guns the price will drop 10k for each gun. For more informations, negotiations and others you can simply PM me.
  12. Looking for LS-RP items including players, guns, cars, money Got money, PM me.
  13. LSRP ADVERTISE BOT Hey guys! Today I present you my LSRP advertising bot. It will automatically advertise for you as your ad's are placed so when you place a ad, it will wait for the ad to appear then it will instantly /ad again, meaning there will be no useless delay like in auto hot key scripts that are shit. This will keep a constant flow of ad's coming, this can also result in very bad spam if you like have many people do it hmph. Screenshots: TBA Info: The bot comes in a ASI file, the precision is very good, it sends a ad EXACTLY the moment the message appears on your screen or aka when the packet is received. This is going to be very handy in case you need to do adverts for your business, nightclub whatever it is. If you distrust my program, no problem I can share screen the source and prove the authenticity. Moreover, I can compile and send you in sharescreen or adjust it according to your needs. This should also work in ANY server that uses the advertising command as [text] not as a dialog and displays the ad's in global chat rather than /newspaper etc. So this is not limited to only LSRP. Anti Virus Score: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/6c614f05aaebd3fed74187f301cbe0fb1398fd82c11f2db84c39fe4ce061bc06/detection 100% clean! Price: 5€ (5 EUROs)
  14. I have over 50 MILLIONS to sell. Looking for serious buyers only. We can do it trough middleman or without, your choice. But you pay for the middleman fee. Willing to give any proof needed to show that this is legit. 1mill-5$ MINIMUM PURCHASE IS 5 MILL.
  15. (1.)Requires: Weapon mods (optional, highly suggest) ModLoader (2.)How to do it: "Guns on LS-RP are hard to get", yes if you try to get them the normal way. But, with only one weapon mod, you'll easily find guns that are hidden in the cars, or on the ground by any chances. First off, you need a weapon mod for a weapon that is huge. By that I mean very very big weapon mods. I have left a link of the weapon mod I use below. I'd also highly recommend that you install the weapon mods with ModLoader, because you'll easily be able to remove that mod after you're done gathering your "straps". Secondly, When you download the mod, rename the "gun_dildo1.dff" to the gun that you want, ex. "desert_eagle.dff", "m4.dff"... Thirdly, when you install the weapon mod, simply get into LS-RP, and search walk around cars. If there's a weapon in it, you'll easily be able to spot it, because of the huge weapon mod. When you find one, break into the car, hotwire it, and /takegun. (3.)How NOT to get banned: 1. Try not to make it obvious that you have a mod. Don't walk around the cars, and suddenly say "oh I'll jack this one". Pretend that you're trying to jack some other cars before the one where the weapon is. 2. If you see someone driving a car with a weapon inside of it, don't follow them. Or try to follow them, but remain unspotted by the driver. (4.)Download links: -The weapon mod I use: http://www.gtanetwork.it/zone/pafiledb.php?action=file&id=5823 (don't replace the melee.dat file) This is a very simple trick I used. It might take time to find a car with weapons inside of it, but, after a while you'll find one.
  16. FAQ: Q: What do I get if I buy from you? A: You come on my table of the trusted buyers, you can get discount for the next purchase! Q: Where can I contact you and where can we do the deal? A: I usually do deals over MultiMart PM's since soliciting off-site is not allowed. Q: How can I know are you legit or not? A: Answer is simple, if you take a look on my reputation and if you see comments on this thread, you will understand everything! Q: Are you planning to add more payment methods? A: For now not, but in future yes!
  17. I'm selling 10 packaged AKs for just 34 USD, you save almost about 10 euros in this sale. but the payment has to be on bitcoin, payment should be equal to 34 USD.
  18. I have 300 ounces of drugs in total, to be specific that is all Cocaine, but I can do other drugs as well. Discounts when buying in bulk, the deal will be done professionally and with RP of course, admins won't suspect anything. I have no problem with doing the deal with hu$tle lawyer as the middleman, but I expect the expenses to be covered by the buyer. (Unless in other conditions, e.g. buying drugs in noticeable amounts) I do deals ONLY in Multimart PM's, as the rules themselves say no other form of communication may be used. GUNS 2 Shotguns 1 Deagle and 1 knife left. PM for more information. A lot of hacks, an undetectable VPN and a drug duplication method (infinite drugs) on sale. PM. Also writing character apps.
  19. I am selling LS-RP replica, Red County Roleplay Original, PR-RP original, FoCo TDM replica, all including: - MySQL, - New updates, - All features like the original scripts, The prices are pretty cheap, PM me here or hmu on discord: -removed-
  20. you saw the title, i need it fast. please dm me or comment below.
  21. Buying a medium acc for 10$ had to be level 10 or higher and got 1m or 2m.
  22. Jackson


    Looking to buy some lsrp money cheep and cheep guns

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