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Found 22 results

  1. Selling Deagles & Shotguns on LSRP. PRICE LIST: Deagle: 1,5$ Shotgun: 2$ I sell only 5 guns at once (or more)! I ONLY ACCEPT PAYPAL, using $hustle as middleman! Contact me at: - Or send me a PM
  2. Taariq

    [SELLING] LS-RP Weaponry

    As said in the title, selling guns, have 10 left Prices: M4 - 3€ per each MP5 - 2.5€ per each Desert Eagle - 2€ per each Screenshot (taken for one of the members of multimart): https://imgur.com/a/0xlP8hK Accepting paypal only!
  3. Taariq

    [SELLING] LS-RP Account

    As I said in the title, I got an LS-RP account to sell, for more info and a screenshot contact me in PM. Acc is level 17, has 6.9m
  4. BBehar

    [For Sale] LSRP Script.

    I am selling a script which i edited a while ago tried to make it look like LSRP. I've tried to include alot of features that LSRP Has and tried to keep it well up to date with the current LSRP with mappings, scripts etc. The script does have: - Dynamic Housing system with checkpoints (Same as LSRP). - Dynamic Business System. - Dynamic Door System. - Dynamic Pickup System. - Dynamic Faction System. - Dynamic Dealership System. The server also does have the looks of LSRP. Does have the Textdraws such as - Radio Info Textdraws - Phone System with textdraws - Speedo With textdraws - Vehicle Offers with textdraws - Purchasing clothes text with textdraws and much more. The Server has some static factions which can be edited via the script. - LSPD - SASD - LSFD These are the factions the can be edited via the script. The server does have alot of features that are the same as the original LSRP. - Hunger & Food System (Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/2lhSWhb ") - Death & Damage registry System (Videos: Part 1 - hyperurl.co/7t6swl Part 2 - http://hyperurl.co/igilcu The Weapon skill system is linked with the damage system so for example you get hit and have your health on low, Weapon skills will automatically got to low or medium depending on your health. (Screenshots of damage/weapon skill: https://imgur.com/a/rfExEkS in this case i had the skills on low due to my health and here i do have them on high due to an re-heal https://imgur.com/a/Sb9LpvZ) - Taser System for LEO (Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T_ks7r3Aa_w ) - Drug System: A simple drug system which depending on what drug you have / use you will get health/visual effcets/a special item on your body / hand / head etc. Drugs also do give you addction on the server if you do use them alot. When the addiction kicks in you start to lose health, get visual effects. You do have some options. Wait it out, Visit Medics, or inject more of the same drug. - Weapon System. The Weapon System is similar to the LSRP one, When you do not have your weapon on your hand it gets attached to your chest but obviously you can change the place of the gun by using the comannd /weapon[adjust/bone/hide]. /weapon adjust is a command to edit the position of the weapon. /weapon bone to change the bone of the weapon. /weapon hide is used to hide small weapons such as, Colt, Knife and other small guns. ( screenshots: https://imgur.com/fGZl8v2 ). - Phone System with textdraws & Dialogs (Kind of like the one on LSRP) (screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/XRQNAEc) The Server also does have Donator Features such as: The command /setstyle chatstyle walkstyle and hud /setstyle chatstyle allows the donator to change their chatstyle (in-character talk animation) to another style. 1 out of 10 i guess are available. /setstyle walkstyle self explanatory allows the donator to change their walking style (/walk) /setstyle hud it's a command on development which allows the donators to chose different hud textdraws (Radio Infos Speedos ETC.) Also Donators do get access to special vehicles. Such as BMX, Sanchez, Quad, ZR-350. As a regular player you won't be able to get inside of any of the vehicles listed above. You well get this message attached to the vehicle https://imgur.com/a/C2oq6sr The Radio System: This system besides a simple radio system does have the faction restricted channels such as LSPD, SD, FD DoC etc. Besides that is a simple radio system same as LSRP. If you're apart of LSPD, and you have your channel set to 911 It won't show it [CH:911 S: x] xxx_xxx says: xxx but it will show it as in the new updates of lsrp [CH:DISPATCH: S: x] xxx_xxx says: xxx. Radios can be purchased in hardware stores or 24/7s. The Server also does have some of the LSRP mappings and animations. (Screenshots of the mappings: https://imgur.com/a/ZXt5iM5) For more info about the script hmu in discord macho#2755
  5. (1.)Requires: Weapon mods (optional, highly suggest) ModLoader (2.)How to do it: "Guns on LS-RP are hard to get", yes if you try to get them the normal way. But, with only one weapon mod, you'll easily find guns that are hidden in the cars, or on the ground by any chances. First off, you need a weapon mod for a weapon that is huge. By that I mean very very big weapon mods. I have left a link of the weapon mod I use below. I'd also highly recommend that you install the weapon mods with ModLoader, because you'll easily be able to remove that mod after you're done gathering your "straps". Secondly, When you download the mod, rename the "gun_dildo1.dff" to the gun that you want, ex. "desert_eagle.dff", "m4.dff"... Thirdly, when you install the weapon mod, simply get into LS-RP, and search walk around cars. If there's a weapon in it, you'll easily be able to spot it, because of the huge weapon mod. When you find one, break into the car, hotwire it, and /takegun. (3.)How NOT to get banned: 1. Try not to make it obvious that you have a mod. Don't walk around the cars, and suddenly say "oh I'll jack this one". Pretend that you're trying to jack some other cars before the one where the weapon is. 2. If you see someone driving a car with a weapon inside of it, don't follow them. Or try to follow them, but remain unspotted by the driver. (4.)Download links: -The weapon mod I use: http://www.gtanetwork.it/zone/pafiledb.php?action=file&id=5823 (don't replace the melee.dat file) This is a very simple trick I used. It might take time to find a car with weapons inside of it, but, after a while you'll find one.
  6. truPimp


  7. WantedBro


    I got millions to sell. No scam, real deal. Done with LSRP so I want it gone. 1mill going for 6$. Lowest amount for sale is 3mill. -using Hustle as middleman.
  8. T4b1k4ss


    Please be someone and make me happy I have on steam 5 euro skin. Factory new cyrex I want buy 2,5mil for cyrex! https://steamcommunity.com/id/t4b1k4ss/
  9. GAMEMODE + UCP: LSRP 99.9% [ If you want to buy gamemode + UCP contact us by skype: mbrandao045_1 Discord: Revolts#1673 ] [-----------------------------------------] GAMEMODE: [ ! ]: The gamemode is complete and there are many other systems, but I'm just showing the main systems. NO BUGS. Videos: http://bit.ly/2CVlohg -Phone system | script 100% lsrp -Trucker Job COMPLETE | script 100% lsrp = -Governmental faction | script 100% lsrp -Donate system complete | script 100% lsrp -House system - complete with furniture | script 100% lsrp -Funiture System Complete | script 100% lsrp -Fish system | script 100% lsrp -Vehicle system | script 100% lsrp -Stealing vehicles system | script 100% lsrp -Clothing system | script 100% lsrp -Mechanic system | script 100% lsrp -Meal system Textdraws | script 100% lsrp -Drugs system | script 100% lsrp [-----------------------------------------] UCP: [ ! ]: The UCP has many functions, but I am showing and speaking only of the main ones. Imagenes: https://imgur.com/a/z1bHo -About donate: All the donate are the same as the LS-RP.com -If you want to check, look here -Buy Donate -Change your local email and passwords -Change your spawn location -Changes the login security code -See the stats of your characters -You can do a lot of things on the UCP, I don't have time to show everything, because it's too much Admin: -Accepts and refuses applications -You can create account and characters -Create news and announcements in the main menu -Send message to all players via UCP -find players characters and see all the details [-----------------------------------------] [ If you want to buy gamemode + UCP contact us by skype: mbrandao045_1 Discord: Revolts#1673 ] [-----------------------------------------] [PD]: Before someone talks shit, yes, I can prove that I have everything I'm putting up for sale, if you have interest text me on skype, I'll open the server for you to see the script.
  10. Morning. Looking to buy LS-RP with a high level char with assets or any assets separately. Characters with factions are highly welcome. Send me a pm, I've got pounds. Middle-man will be used. looking asap.
  11. Level 35-40, high end cars, a few guns on the account. Clean admin record, no crimes committed. I check PMs every few hours, hmu.
  12. foxy

    Selling LS-RP Cash.

    I'm selling good amounts of LS-RP money, a million goes by $10, PM me for details and contact info.
  13. SlyOne

    Selling LSRP cash - 20m

    $10 for 1m $180 for the full 20m Willing to use middleman, not paying the fee. @$hustle only
  14. Selling an LSRP Script [Self made based on a Horizon Gaming Roleplay Script] with the newest Maps, Scripts, And Features. This Script has: Donator System which allows Donator to change their Chat Style, Walk Style, And Hud Style, This Script also Allows Donator to use certain Vehicles such as BMX, ZR, Quad, Sanchez, And others. Note. If you're not a Donator You cannot Drive, A Bike, BMX but you can drive the ZR, The Sanchez and the Quad. Once you've been set as a Donator You can drive and purchase all the Donator Vehicles. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Dynamic Faction System. This Server has a Faction script that allows admins to create, and delete Factions. Create their HQ-s, Create Skins for the Faction and much more. An Original script of death same as LSRP. This script will set you on death mode once you reach 25 hp. Different weapons deal different damages on different bodyparts. However if you do have Armour and get hit in the Chest (Area which is protected by the default armour type) Only your armour bar will go down. If you do have a full body armour where ever you'll get hit only your armour will go down. The death script has 3 fases. Alive, Wounded and dead. Also the scripts has a /damages command. If you're near a wounded/dead body you can examine their damages by using the /damages command. If you get wounded a Red 3D Text will get attached on top of your head. The Script has a Dynamic Housing system with Checkpoints in the exteriror. The script has a dynamic dealership system, Dealerships can be created by admins, Bought by players, The prices can be set by the owner of the delaership. The script supports alot of Textdraws (same as LSRP) Here's a small list: Once you get a job a red textdraw apears next you your hud telling you to check /jobhelp. Once you get a car offer a Textdraw apears on your screen telling you what to do to accept/reject the offer. and much much more. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Police Features. For Police i've made the bean bag script similar to LSRP but more original and more realistic. Non-sirened vehicles now have sirens with sound that anyone can hear, You can press Honk button and flick on the sirens. LSPD/SD do have their private channels *911/999*. If you have the frequency set to 911 when you talk on /r You'll recive [CH: DISPATCH S:1] instead of [CH:911 S:1]. LSPD/SD have an Anti-Rush Taser script. Once you shoot the taser an reload animation plays and you'll be able to shoot right after the animation ends. LSPD/SD Do have two armour types. Only Chest and Full body. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Other Features: -Phone System. Basic phone system, Same as LSRP with the /ph /c /h /p /sms etc commands. -Drug addiction system. Once you've injected a certain amount of drugs on your characters body they'll get addicted, One your addiction kick in you'll see some side effect and sone helpful notes on what you'll have to do to get rid of the side effects. -Radio System. A basic Radio system with Textdarws same as LSRP. -Fully fuctional Mall with shops (same as LSRP) -Hospital System. -Leg Damage System. Once you get hit on the Leg with a bullet you will start stumbling, You won't be able to sprint properly, You wont be able to jump etc. -Peeper Spray System. -Weapon Smuggling System. If you do have a certain boat type you can use /smuggle (this doesn't require you a job it's the same script as the fishing script on LSRP and my onw script). Once you type /smuggle and SMS will come on you phone from an annonime person that tells you to go to a certain place to pick up a bag with some products. You have to transfer the products to the waypoint and then You have two options either continue with a higher risk or just leave it at that. Get paid and leave. But if you take the higher risk you can buy weapons at the shaq however if there's no products no weapons can be bought. -Weapon Licensing system. A Simple PF/CCW System. Basicly if you don't have a license you cannot buy a weapon at the legal weapon store. -Weapon body attachments. If you're holding a weapon, you scroll it off it will be attached by default on your chest but you can use /weapon [bone/adjust/hide] Smaller weapons such as Knife, Colt, Deagle, Tec, Uzi can be hidden. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Contact me on Discord: #2755
  15. Pakimens99123

    [BUYING] LS:RP, RC:RP scripts

    Hey guys I'm looking for a released LS:RP hotwiring script or a script to find guns on LS:RP, RC:RP. Can pay via paypal if needed.
  16. Hit me up with your offers: 10$ per million Also, I can help create character for you to play at LS:RP for $3.
  17. Hey, so I'm selling LS-RP assets like money, drugs and guns.I have an acc with around 3.5 mil, some cars (worth around 500k), a few guns and a few ounces of drugs. I'm also making applications too, like char. applications, gov. applications, weapon license applications etc.Basically any application you need made you can get from me. Plus I have a fishing loop script which'll make it much easier to make easy cash while fishing and it's basically undetectable. I'm willing to use a middleman. Discord: lsplug#8690
  18. MisterCoolGuy421

    [Selling] Milions on LS-RP

    Selling milions on LS-RP, contact me for more information about it! Send me your discord, got 10m to sell! Will give proof whenever im sure the person's not an admin.
  19. yungspirit

    Trading steam account lsrp $$

    Trading my steam account that has rocket leauge and csgo for around 1.5million Hit me up on discord murder#6194 Using $hustle as a middleman so if you wanna scam don't try this trade out Not making any deals for under 1 million but we can always talk about the price hit me up on dsicord if you are actually trying to make this deal and not waiste my time On rocket leauge your around level 10 and on CS:GO your MG1 or gold nova master don't remember.
  20. Trading a huge pack of scripts for a GTA San Andreas Steam Key Product. for more add me on steam Here's my steam profile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198419208419/

    [SELLING] LSRP PF Applications



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