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Found 55 results

  1. A simple method, synced and shown in /stats. Made a 1 bullet mp5 to 200.
  2. I want to trade my OSRS acc with 1941 total level for an LSRP/NGG Acc or IG money. could also sell for CSGO Skins contact me on discord tutu fuq#9840 or send me a PM here
  3. Selling a modified game mode, as similar to the original ls-rp, hard rp project Compared to ls-rp, many systems are improved. Screenshots, video and description will provide. There is also a UCP and a site. Write in PM only interested and serious people. Do not waste my and your time for nothing. Some write, and then they themselves are silent. Write, I’ll show and tell everything. A few screenshots with LSPD Personal transport furniture & retexture Put / take with cartridges in the trunk or in the passenger compartment Trucker Job Mobile phone More screenshots & video in PM I have the same version of an exact copy of LSRP, all systems are as similar as possible
  4. -------------------------GUNS------------------------ M4-5$ Shotgun-4$ Uzi-4$ Deagle-3$ ----------------------ACCOUNTS-------------------- LSRP ACCOUNTS: -Level 13 account with a house , 17 mil, and some cars -Level 29 account with 104 mil RCRP ACCOUNTS: -Level 21 account with an apartment in Montgomery, 2 mil, Savanna and Tahoma. More to come!! Can provide screenshots in DM'S! DM for any orders.
  5. As the topic said pm me now i'm in a hurry.
  7. Selling high end level 36 lsrp account, contains the following: - 46m+ cash - Donator vehicles (Bullet, Banshee and more) - Rare vehicle (BF injection - Worth around 16 to 20 millions) - Guns and drugs stored in vehicle - Name and number change as well Price: $120 Not a scammer, member since 2017. Don't have paypal available in my country so you can gift me steam wallet through your steam account or you can buy it from g2a.com and can give me the code.
  8. RULES - Do not disclose in game name to anyone - NO bulk deals if there are lvl 3+ admins - Your order must be AT LEAST $8USD Middleman allowed and fees are paid by you.
  9. Hello everyone!! As you can tell by the title, I got shit ton of money to sell but very little time to play. I don't have time for 1mill, 2mill, 3mill deals, so if you wanna buy 10+mills and want a professional and quick service, I'm definitely your guy!!! PRICES: 2$ per million. (When buying 20+mills we can talk about a cheaper deal!!) If you don't trust me, find a middleman, pay his fee and we can do it like that, too. If you need any other information about all this, find me in the PM's!!!
  10. This gamemode is original of lsrp.io (2016) With Systems: 1) Damage system 2) OnDeath system 3) New casino systems (Poker and more...) 4) Original Textdraws 5) New admin 7lvl system (by me) And some more big systems...
  11. I am new to this so please bare with me. Money 1mil - 5$ 5mil - 15$ 10mil - 25$ 20mil - 35$ Drugs Coke - 25$ (1 ounce 100% strength) MDMA - 15$ ( 1 ounce 70-80% strength) Weed - 10$ (1 ounce 70-75% strength) Accounts/Handbooks Lvl 24 LS:PD account - 60$ ( PM ME FOR Screenshots/More Info) HANDBOOKS COMING SOON Weapons Deagles - 1.30$ (Only have 20 selling ONLY all at once) Can provide screenshots etc if needed can also use a middleman. If there are any middleman fees i'm not paying them. Minimum order 25$ OFFERING DISCOUNTS/SPECIAL DEALS FOR BIG ORDERS/LONG TERM BUYERS
  12. Finds any weapon on player body Finds any weapon on ground Finds any weapon in vehicle Price: $3 - PayPal Undetectable. Will give tips to avoid being caught. Will use Middleman. Limited time sale.
  13. FAQ: Q: What do I get if I buy from you? A: You come on my table of the trusted buyers, you can get discount for the next purchase! Q: Where can I contact you and where can we do the deal? A: I usually do deals over MultiMart PM's since soliciting off-site is not allowed. Q: How can I know are you legit or not? A: Answer is simple, if you take a look on my reputation and if you see comments on this thread, you will understand everything! Q: Are you planning to add more payment methods? A: For now not, but in future yes!
  14. Flacko's Writing Services Willing to write custom and different applications of all kind. PF applications, UCP character applications, PD/SD applications, Admin-moderator applications and such, as long as it needs anything to be written in a well constructed format and in better English. The price range is easily affordable and it is just a small amount for my effort and work. Services > Selling Bullworth Roleplay UCP/character applications with RP questions' answers. - $2 (USD) > Selling Los Santos Roleplay (LSRP) character applications with RP questions' answers. - $2 (USD) > Selling Los Santos Roleplay (LSRP) PF custom written application - $1 (USD) > Selling Admin/Moderator/Tester application for all kind of servers - $2 (USD) You can initiate the deal by shooting me a PM here (on Multimart) or just reply to this topic. Note :I am 100% okay with having a Multimart staff as a middle-man, but you must be willing to pay their charge if they demand so.
  15. Welcome to Plug's Shop I have been stocking up weapons and money for quiet a long time now for over 2 years I am friends with a lot of ex admins and staff members of Los Santos Roleplay so I know how to fly under the radar when transferring money/weapons so you don't have to worry about getting banned or caught. My supply of weapons and money usually comes from just playing and roleplaying with people although I have friends in-game who use more sketchy methods for getting money/weapons. I might run out of stock quiet often since I don't have access to any duplication exploits which can keep my supply constant. In the future I will be considering getting one of them exploits if I see that there is a big demand for weapons or money in my end. [Weapons] MP5 - 2.5$ (183 bullets High Supply) Deagle - 1.5$ (90-83 bullets Currently Short Supply) Shotgun - 1.5$ (100 bullets Currently Short Supply) M4 - 3.5$ (183 bullets Currently Short Supply) [Money] Currently only have 20million for sale Selling all at once 30$ I am willing to use a middleman if needed. IF the middleman requires extra payment for the time and work you will be the one paying the extra middleman fee. I can provide proof of Weapons/Money you are purchasing if needed. Also Selling a level 21 ACCOUNT With a bunch of goods on it money/guns/Properties etc PM me for more information. I can give screenshots of /stats of the account if needed but with sensitive information blurred out.
  16. Sold a high-level account with: 3 characters (20 lvl,20 lvl,10 lvl). Guard Card on one of the characters. PF License on one of the characters. House on two of the characters. Vehicles (4-5) on each character. Enough pocket money on each character. Namechange on one of the characters. Guns stored in the vehicles randomly. Clean admin record, only one or two ajails on one of the chars (long time ago), no bans. NOTE: Only serious buyers, I won't accept low offers. Middleman usage is okay, but you will have to cover the fees. For any questions contact me through PM.
  17. Selling level 17 account with two chars on ucp 15€
  18. (1.)Requires: Weapon mods (optional, highly suggest) ModLoader (2.)How to do it: "Guns on LS-RP are hard to get", yes if you try to get them the normal way. But, with only one weapon mod, you'll easily find guns that are hidden in the cars, or on the ground by any chances. First off, you need a weapon mod for a weapon that is huge. By that I mean very very big weapon mods. I have left a link of the weapon mod I use below. I'd also highly recommend that you install the weapon mods with ModLoader, because you'll easily be able to remove that mod after you're done gathering your "straps". Secondly, When you download the mod, rename the "gun_dildo1.dff" to the gun that you want, ex. "desert_eagle.dff", "m4.dff"... Thirdly, when you install the weapon mod, simply get into LS-RP, and search walk around cars. If there's a weapon in it, you'll easily be able to spot it, because of the huge weapon mod. When you find one, break into the car, hotwire it, and /takegun. (3.)How NOT to get banned: 1. Try not to make it obvious that you have a mod. Don't walk around the cars, and suddenly say "oh I'll jack this one". Pretend that you're trying to jack some other cars before the one where the weapon is. 2. If you see someone driving a car with a weapon inside of it, don't follow them. Or try to follow them, but remain unspotted by the driver. (4.)Download links: -The weapon mod I use: http://www.gtanetwork.it/zone/pafiledb.php?action=file&id=5823 (don't replace the melee.dat file) This is a very simple trick I used. It might take time to find a car with weapons inside of it, but, after a while you'll find one.
  19. LS:RP SHOP Money: 5mil - 10$ 10mil - 20$ 20mil - 35$ Weapons: Deagle - 1.5$ Uzi/Tec9 - 2.5$ M4/Ak47 - 4$ Shotgun - 2$ Accounts: PM me for info. Drugs: PM me for info. Hi i've been playing LS:RP for some years now i racked up alot of guns/money and met some people who have taught me some cool shit and how to exploit the server and now i'm trying to make some real cash. All my guns come packaged and my methods of transferring money/guns are guaranteed to keep you safe from bans. My Pms are open to questions. If you're buying from me we can use a middleman but you are paying the fees Minimum orders are 15$ Buy 30$ or more worth of stuff and i will add a few bonus weapons or money Currently have an account with 300k + money on GTA WORLD Selling it for 30$. Accepting only PayPal/Skrill.

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