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Looking for a scripter with decent knowledge


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Evening lads. I'm looking for a scripter who's willing to create a roleplay gamemode on samp from the scratch, pretty much, so if you are willing to discuss it, send me a pm or whatever. I'm dead serious about this and I'm really looking for a scripter who's willing to do this for me, no matter how long it takes tho.


P.S: Do not offer any gamemodes, scripts or whatever I'm not going to bother answering you. And if you are really going to be working onto this, you should atleast be able to provide any previous scripts to prove your knowledge, please, do not waste my time, thanks.

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I have coded numerous game modes in my era. I wish my old Scripting Service thread was here to showcase my portfolio. I am from  New Delhi. India.

This is my SA-MP forums profile. I am able to create a game mode from scratch but I always take half payment as an advance. Let me know your budget for this Roleplay game mode. As per your features, I will be able to give you a time length for the creation of the whole game mode. Though it can take up to months but Alpha and Beta servers are up for testing purposes every week or month - as per your wish.

Let me know your thoughts on this.


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