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I created a destruction derby gamemode a little while ago with over 400 different maps. It includes GUI manipulation and other special features that surpasses the traditional sumo gm. I'm willing to exclusively sell it for a hundred dollars.

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Sure, sorry for being vague.


The derby gamemode is a non-respawn fun mode where, upon your death, you spectate the remaining players alive until the round is over. The round ends when there's 1 remaining survivor or when the timer ends. After the round is completed, all players are given a GUI menu where they can vote for the next map that they wish to play on, as the screen fades to grey. The interactive GUI allows players to click on any of the selections on the GUI and click "Vote" to submit their choice of selection.


(click to enlarge)


After a few seconds of free democracy with power to the users, the next round proceeds with the map with the most votes. It's a fairly simple gameplay for players to enjoy, with nothing complex for them. It is very addicting and most of the maps are above sea level, so when you fall to the water your car will explode automatically.

There are 3 perks that you can find on maps: repair pickup, NOS pickup and a vehicle change pickup. Along with vehicle spawnpoints, each of those pickups can be added via the MTA map editor as you're creating your own map. Also, you do not need to convert your MTA map file, because the gamemode will do so itself.

Here's a look at the integrated UCP system that you can access in-game via GUI:


(click to enlarge)


When changing your vehicle color, you're given a great choice of all 128 original vehicle colors, accessible via the UCP.


(click to enlarge)

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