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[Selling] Visual Inventory


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What is it?


8 slot clickable inventory with stackable items. Loot, drop and use any item you want to create, and easy to use with your Y, N and H keys to open the inventory and quickly loot items. Each dropped or loot-able item has its own 3D-Text to show the name of the item, how many items are in the stack and who dropped the item. 


Spawn new loot items with a single line of code where ever you want, or enable HARDCORE mode so when players die they drop all their items, easily editable and practically unlimited uses!






$10USD per-copy. PM me for inquiries.

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  • Avovix Management

Fairly simple system from what it looks like, However anyone with moderate knowledge of PAWN and SA-MP could create something of their own with more flexibility and a entire inventory system to support... Like in my case "Shirt, Pants, Backpack, Chest Rigs" ect... Good luck with your sales, Non-the-less if you struggle to sell it you should consider posting the source in one of the community forums here and help some new "scripters" out.


Best Regards,


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