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Need help, please help me!


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Hello there! 
I need your help guys.
When I create the business on the server or if I'll enter any interior it looks simple, but when I enter in and exit from business the vehicles and players is invisible. I tried to change my virtual world and player interior to default, I can see business entrances and more, but vehicles and players steel invisible. Please help me!

image.thumb.png.38e7105115e51e30aeebab8993e6ff64.png image.thumb.png.4f2a7fc46f859a1407b23f3ea04cde19.png

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May I suggest adding comments to your code so that other programmers can understand what is supposed to be happening.

Anyway, I'm not entirely too sure what you are asking exactly, although I noticed that under /makebusiness that you set both the enter and exit position to the players position. Furthermore, if you have troubles entering and exiting, may I recommend showing relevant code for this too?

Kind Regards,

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