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Blueline Roleplay [Release] [Read Carefully]


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I'm finally released one of my Unfinished Gamemodes, due to not being able to sell it as a "Base Gamemode" or completing some of the features... That being said, this gamemode is being released without Support of any kind... This includes replies on the thread and Private Messages, Please keep in mind that the way the gamemode was created is dated and no-longer up to standard for any of the MySQL/SQLite systems available for SA-MP and the version used is not included and nor will I be updating the gamemode to the latest version, if you wish to use it and upgrade it feel free to let me know and provide the source and I'll gladly upload a second version using that.

Furthermore, by downloading, using, modifying this gamemode you agree to the Apache 2.0 License along with a few other factors at-play that'll be listed below... I reserve the right to remove this gamemode at any point in time for any-reason at-all without prior warning... You may not re-upload, distribute or remove credits in/on or about the gamemode, if you wish to re-upload this then please contact me and I'll see if the destination is fit, otherwise it is to stay on Multimart for how-ever-long Multimart is alive and kicking for....


  • You are not allowed to re-upload this script/gamemode/source without written consent to any website including Multimart
  • You are not to remove, edit or modify the existing Credit's in the gamemode; exceptions being adding yourself for additions you have made.
  • You are not to remove, edit or modify the header information in the source before/after/during compile time
  • You are not to re-upload, distribute or modify the source without it containing the aforementioned credits, including but not limited to
    - /credits

    - header information

All the best,
Austin "TheOnlyDroid"


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