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[🔥SALE] Italy Mafia Roleplay V7 Latest


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Hi, since my old topic was gone/deleted, I don't know why nor given a reason. But, hopefully, can be restored, so I can use my topic back.

As you know before, I'm currently selling Italy Mafia RP V7 latest version for a cheap price. All deals can be done via multimart only to avoid any misunderstanding.

For any questions, please forum-pm me.

Script Features:

- Warehouse system (Optimized, WH Robbery)
- /turf (Will displays turfs cooldown and total houses/businesses)
- /biz & /house (will now shows the property infos)
- Dynamic House (Custom interiors/garage, Alarm, armour and more)
- Accessory (/acc with 3 slots, need to be in clothing shop)
- Business system (can be created in-game, custom interiors and etc)
- Drug system (/buy & /produce, captach system, plant and etc)
- Dynamic vehicle system (Spawnpack, Slots, rental can be set in-game and more)
- Dynamic factions (can be created via in-game, disable/enable factions, change color and etc)
- Casino System (Roulette/Blackjack system, /dealers, bets, works fine)
- War System (Can created upto 2 wars with prizes, kdr, total money lost and more)
- Lotto System (/startlotto with custom prizes/fees and textdraw)
- Admins - with more unique/secret commands.
- Event system (Much more features, race, shipfight, derby, custom)
- Giftboxes system (Creating via In-game, /giftboxes, /giftbox, and more (same as IM))
- and more unique systems.

Script can be tested/seen via teamviewer.


Version 6: 20 15 EUR (MaiGad's version) | Version 7: 55 50 EUR

Pictures: This is early 2018 pictures which some things haven't been updated yet. I can't be arse to go in-game and takes another screenshots.





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