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Michael@Belgium at your service.


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[align=center]Michael@Belgium's Script Service[/align]


Hi all, 


My name is Michael, i'm 20 years old and i live in Belgium. I almost have a degree in Software Development, and since 2011 in secundary school - I picked a study where programming is the most important thing. 


My skills:

  • PAWN
  • C#
  • Webdesign (HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, PHP, AJAX, XML)
  • SQL
  • Java


What can you do for me?


So if you want that i make something for you i can do:

  • Anything that requires my skills listed above.
    • From making UCP's to PAWN bug fixes
    • I don't accept that I should make RP gamemodes, takes too much time and I don't think you'll be able to pay me. (One way or another, if you're rly sure you can pay it, then you can request)


Yes ! I wanna hire you !


Apply like this:


[b]Full name:[/b]
[b]Most used e-mail:[/b]
[b]Other contact options:[/b]

[u]What do you want me to script ?[/u]
[b](Detailed) information:[/b]
[b]How much you want to pay:[/b] 


... and sent it via



In real life full name: John McFly

Age: 26

Most used e-mail: [email protected]

Other contact options: skype: john.mcfly, gmail: [email protected]


What do you want me to script ?

Subject:  Bug fixing

(Detailed) information: I made a gamemode and i need some major bug fixes as the gamemode isn't playable at the moment. You can get more info on skype

How much you want to pay:  Max 20 €


Payment methods: only paypal.



  • Github
  • Other works: exp-gaming community, my 2 servers
  • If you have questions, ask me !





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