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  • Avovix Management
You may have noticed some changes recently, this is due to a site upgrade which ironically broke the site and theme which I thought I'd already future proofed for future updates; Turns out, I hadn't... This however gave me the opportunity to finally get around to starting on the new Multimart v4 Theme, which I've been putting off for quite awhile.

Its no secret that the older v3 was already dated and really didn't take into account readability, contrast or frankly anything other than Multimarts own Branding; This has now officially changed, from this point on the site will be designed around readability; Our logo branding, colour scheme no longer matters.


What does this mean?
While our announcement posts will still contain the old Multimart Logo (from the v3 Header) in its original pinkish red colour; The theme and styling will influence the colour of the Logo, Branding and much more in the future, that being said... There may be a point where I specifically add content options for announcements that automatically change based on the theme the user is using (Kinda cool).

This also allows up to open up suggestions on colour schemes; Such as "Insider Purple" (shown at the end of the post); Theme's besides the default "Dark Mode" and "Light Mode" will be exclusive to Multimart Insider and Insider+ members; We have some great ideas already, while Purple is the only Insider Exclusive style currently, we'll be adding a few more options later down the road.

What about issues?
I've already found and fixed a few issues, including the post input box/content box which didn't look that great on the Dark Theme, that being said; Due to the way CKEditor works, some icons can't really be changed without creating an entirely new theme (And that isn't something I want to do just yet).

We encourage you to report issues in our newly created "v4 Issues" section under "Community Support"; Tagging your posts to include "Dark", "Light", "Both"; To allow us to easily fix issues on each theme specifically... Don't worry if you think the issue is "Minor" or just something that might affect you, we'll do our best to alter the styling to best suit everyone (where possible).

Light Mode:

Dark Mode:

Insider Purple (Style):


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On 11/7/2020 at 7:49 AM, TheOnlyDroid said:

That's supposed to mean what? We did a lot, we updated the styling, we updated permissions, we updated the site as a whole... Your question is pretty vague. 

all the topics related to buying/selling got deleted, again.

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  • Avovix Management
On 11/8/2020 at 6:05 PM, Baghdad said:

all the topics related to buying/selling got deleted, again.

They didn't,

All posts related to Virtual Items got moved into a public Archive category; Multimart Insiders are now the only people permitted to create threads in those sections now, Multimart is and has always been free to use, however we have to pay for services and other fee's; Thus the logical option was to introduce a subscription service, this was done about a year and a half ago; Only now have we started taking advantage of it.

If anyone has an issue with it really, you're more than welcome to go and find somewhere else to do your trades/sales of virtual items; However complaining about what we wish to do with our platform to keep it alive won't change what we decide.

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